; Kibum (Former)

Kim Kibum;

◦Name: Kim KiBum
◦Position: Third Oldest.
◦Stage Name: Kibum.
◦Birth: December 29, 1990,
◦Bloodtype: Type ‘O’.
◦Height: 180 cm / 1.80 m.
◦Interests: Composing, Poppin, Piano.
◦Speaks: Korean and Japanese.


[Officially Announced Withdraw from the Group(U-KISS) on Febuary 23rd, 2011.]

Industry representatives revealed on February 23rd that U-KISSAlexander and Kim Kibum disclosed that they would be leaving the group. As such, the two will not participate in U-KISS’ comeback album. Kim Kibum will be leaving in order to focus on his character company with his older brother, SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon. Some fans felt that their premonition had come true when they read Kim Kibum’s earlier tweet, which said, “This March, I have news you might not like.  But when the time comes, I will tell it like it is.”

[UPDATE: #1 – NH Media Releases an Official Statement Regarding the Withdrawal of Kibum &Alexander.]

[UPDATE: #2 – Kibum Goes More Indepth on his situation during an Interview on KBS’s Entertainers.]



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  1. liem fei ai March 6, 2011 at 8:26 am #

    dont go… T.T

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