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Big Bang’s Daesung Visits Funeral Site for Victim Hyun.

3 Jun

Daesung Visits the Funeral Site.

On the night of June 2nd, Daesung paid a visit to the funeral site of accident victim, Hyun. He apologized to the victim’s family after paying his respects to their loved one. The victim’s family stated, “Daesung arrived with his agency representatives. We received apologies from Daesung and from YG Entertainment, and talked about the procedures that will be taken from now.” Daesung visited the funeral site around 10:30PM KST. He came with five individuals, including the chairman of YG Entertainment and his attorney. It’s said that he kept his head down and said “I’m sorry“, and apologized again when a family member confronted him.

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Taxi Drive from Daesung’s Accident Reports His Side of the Story.

1 Jun


 His Side of the Story.

Amidst the many speculations that are taking place following Daesung’s car accident, Dispatch received the opportunity of interviewing the sole witness, taxi driver Kim (45), at the hospital. Although he’s still being treated from the accident, Kim emphasized, “I have to correct everything that’s being wrongly reported.” Various rumors arose after it was discovered that the motorcyclist’s vehicle was in decent condition, and therefore the rider couldn’t have been involved in an accident prior to his collision with Daesung. Kim, on the other hand, stated, “Hyun (the motorcyclist) was bleeding very much already. I think that there definitely was a very big accident that occurred before ours.” Check out the full interview below.

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YG Entertainment Announces Daesung Current Situation.

1 Jun

YG Entertainment Says..

Days after Big Bang’s Daesung was reported to have been in a car accident, YG Entertainment has revealed that Daesung is currently in his dorm, in a state of great stress and tears.

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[UPDATE x9] Big Bang’s Daesung Involved in Car Accident, Motorcyclist Dead.

30 May

Daesung’s Car Accident.

Big Bang’s Daesung was involved in a car accident and is currently under investigation. On the 31st, at around 1:40am in Seoul, Big Bang’s Daesung was driving in an Audi and hit a Taxi Car in front of him.  Information about a motorcyclist that was pronounced dead at the scene was also released. Daesung is currently under investigation at the Youngdong Police station for possible drunk driving.

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Big Bang’s TOP Rumorly Cast as Lead Role in Upcoming Drama?

22 May

T.O.P As the Lead Role?

It’s being rumored that Big Bang’s T.O.P has teamed up with Hallyu-famous producer Yoon Suk Ho to play the leading role in the producer’s return project to the small screen.

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YG ON AIR: Ep #4 – 2NE1’s “Lonely” Live Session +Big Bang Concert Tour Updates.

21 May

YG ON AIR: Episode #4.

A new episode of YG Entertainment’s “YG ON AIR” broadcasted on May 20th, and it was once again filled with exclusive YG-related footage not seen elsewhere.

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2NE1 To Perform “Lonely” on Inkigayo.

21 May


 “Lonely” on Inkigayo.

Although they’ve said that they wouldn’t promoting “Lonely“, it seems we should’ve known better. After dropping two hints through their YG-Life blog yesterday, YG Entertainment trolled us all by announcing that 2NE1 will be performing “Lonely” on SBS’s “Inkigayo“.

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YG Updates on G-Dragon’s Leg Injury from the Latest Concert.

16 May

An Update on GD Condition.

It has been revealed that although Big Bang’s G-Dragon has a cast on his leg, it’s not a major injury. On May 16th, a YG Entertainment representative said,

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YG Announces a Global Cover Contest Event for 2NE1 Fans.

15 May

2NE1’s Global Contest.

2NE1 and YG present a ”Global Event’ for fans with an amazing prize. 2NE1 has introduced their first ‘Global Event’ just like Big Bang. In this case fans will have to make a cover of their new single ‘Lonely’ and upload it on YouTube. Since YG is promoting this event creativity is a must.

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YG ON AIR: Epi #3 – Ft; Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry” Session +Big Bang Japanese Tour Updates.

14 May

YG ON AIR: Episode #3.

A new episode of YG Entertainment’s “YG ON AIR” aired on May 13th, and it was once again filled with exclusive YG-related footage not seen elsewhere.

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