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KBS’s Music Bank Heads to the Toyko Dome.

21 May


K-Pop Festival – Music Bank in Toyko.

Korea’s KBS music program “MUSIC BANK” will be heading to Tokyo for a live event at the Tokyo Dome on July 13th titled “K-POP FESTIVAL – MUSIC BANK in TOKYO – ”.

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X-5’s “Fantasy” Deemed Unsuitable for Minors.

21 May


Deemed as Sexually Agressive?

X-5’s “Fantasy“, a track off of their “XENOS” debut album, has been rated as unsuitable for minors by the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family.

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X-5’s Haewon Discovered to Have Known 4 Languages.

8 May

More than Just a Pretty Face.

In an interview with Sports Chosun, X-5’s Haewon revealed that he’s fluent in three foreign languages. Born in 1991, he boasts a tall height of 186 cm, and has handsome looks to boot. There’s more behind that pretty face, though, as it was discovered that he’s fluent in Russian, English, Japanese and Ofcourse Korean.

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Korean Music Wave 2011′ Sets Room for 10 Hallyu Groups in Singapore.

7 May

2011’s Korean Music Wave.

Having organized the Korean Pop Night Concert 2010 last year, Proof Label is back again with the organization of Korean Music Wave 2011 this coming July 15th in Singapore. The concert will be headlined by YG stars, Big Bang and 2NE1, along with 8 others which include F.T. Island, U-Kiss, miss A, The Boss, Teen Top, Dal Shabet, TOUCH and X-5.

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X-5’s Jin Diagnosed w/ Relfux Esophagitis.

5 May

Diagnosed w/ Relfux Esophagitis.

X-5′s Jin has been diagnosed with reflux esophagitis. On April 27th, Jin revealed that he had been experiencing indigestion and nausea, prompting his agency to take him to the hospital for a test. The idol was diagnosed with reflux esophagitis, “a condition in which the stomach contents (food or liquid) leak backwards from the stomach into the esophagus.”

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Open World Entertainment Spends $100,000 on Rookie Group, X-5’s Clothing.

28 Apr


$100,000 Spent Just like That.

Open World Entertainment has revealed that they’ve spent $100,000 USD in producing X-5’s outfits. Although they’ve earned headlines for having an average height of 186 cm, it seems creating outfits for these five lanky boys isn’t as easy as the rest. Representatives of Open World stated, “Outfits and accessories change with every concept, so there’s a bit of a difference in the expenses for each of the concepts. On average, however, one outfit costs about $1,500 to $2,000 USD to produce.”

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X-5 Reveals Debut MV, “Don’t Put On an Act” +Releases Single Album “Xenos”.

25 Apr

X-5 Releases Debut MV +Album.

Earlier today, Open World Entertainment’s new boy band ‘X-5‘ held their first showcase and interview for the press and media. Now, the boys have been officially unveiled to the public with the release of their debut single album “Xenos” along with the MV for their title track, “Don’t put on an Act.”

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X-5 Holds their 1st Showcase +Interview.

25 Apr

Korea, Get Ready for X-5.

Korea’s got a new boyband on the scene, and they’re aiming to cause an impact in the pool of upcoming debut artists. X-5 is a 5-member idol group under Open World Entertainment that’s comprised of members Gun, Haewon, Sulhu, Zin, and Tae Fung. On April 20th, X-5 held a showcase to introduce themselves to the public before their official debut. Zin stated that he has the role of rapper, Haewon stated that he’s got the visual eye-candy role with his ’smouldering eyes’, Gun is the leader of the group, Tae Fung is the main vocalist, and Sulhu is the maknae (youngest).

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X-5 Reveals MV Teaser for “Don’t Put On An Act”.

22 Apr

MV Teaser Revealed.

Earlier this week, Open World Entertainment’s new boy band ‘X-5‘ released an audio teaser for “Don’t Put On An Act“. To build more hype, the label has released an official MV teaser for the title track.

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X-5 Releases Audio Teaser for “Don’t Put On an Act”.

19 Apr

Official Audio Teaser Released.

After releasing two music video teasers and unveiling all five members (Sulhu, Zin, Tae Fung, Haewon & leader Gun), X-5 has finally given the public a taste of what their debut will be like with an audio teaser of their debut track, Don’t Put On An Act (쇼하지마)!

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