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Sunye of Wonder Girls’ Lends a Helping Hand in Haiti.

30 May

 Sunye Helps Out Haiti.

G.A.P Haiti (Global Assistance Partners) recently revealed on their website that Wonder Girls’ leader, Sunye had visited Haiti for one week (May 19 – 25th) to volunteer, showing her very caring nature. The website wrote:

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JYPE Nation Heads to Japan.

22 May


JYPE Nation Hits Japan.

Last year, the talented artists from JYP Entertainment including JYP, 2PM, Wonder Girls, miss A, Joo, J.Lim and San E (JYP Nation) came together for their mega JYP Nation Team Play concert.

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Why are JYPE Nation’s Junho, Yeeun and Jokwon Feeling Empty?

18 May

The 89’s Feel Empty.

Recently, Junho (2PM), Ye Eun (Wonder Girls), and Jo Kwon (2AM) have publicly announced that they’ve been having feelings of a void within them. What could be the reason behind all this? These ‘89ers – and also all coincidentally under JYP Entertainment – have voiced their feeling of emptiness to their fans.

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JYP Tweets About the Wonder Girls Impending Comeback.

5 May

JYP Tweets About Wonder Girls’ Comeback.

J.Y. Park recently posted an update on Twitter to keep fans in the loop about the Wonder Girls’ impending comeback, heartening Wonderfuls who’ve been waiting for news. First tweeting in English, he wrote, “Having the world-best musicians, artists, companies involved in the WG’s album is delaying the process. If u c who they are you’ll forgive me!

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Brave Girls Mention their Role Models to be The Wonder Girls.

18 Apr

Brave Girls > Wonder Girls.

In their interview with Star News, Brave Girls revealed that the Wonder Girls were their role model.

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The Wonder Girls Launch their Official “Fantastics” Forum.

17 Apr

The Wonder Girls Launch “Fantastics”

Wonderfuls, rejoice — the Wonder Girls have opened their official fan forum titled “Fantastics”! Last month, wondergirlsworld.com underwent an unannounced change when an animated “Fantastics” header was featured at the top of the homepage, complete with a small world map with audio clips of international fans from around the globe.

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SM,YG,JYP,KeyEast,Star J &AMENT To Form The ‘United Asia Management’.

7 Apr

From Asia Onwards.

KeyEast, AMENT, Star J Entertainment, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment will be joining forces to create a huge Asian management agency named ‘United Asia ManagementThis joint investment corporate body was created out of an effort to develop an industry that will push ‘Hallyu’ to ‘Asianlyu’. 

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Sunye of the Wonder Girls Hints @ a Korean Comeback.

7 Apr

Wonder Girls Back in Korea!

Wonder Girls leader Sunye announced that the group will carry out promotions in Korea later this year. On April 6th, Sunye appeared on SBS Power FM’s ‘Kim Heechul’s Young Street‘, and hinted at a Wonder Girls comeback in Korea.

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The Wonder Girls will be Performing in Malaysia.

5 Apr

Wonder Girls in Malaysia.

Malaysian Wonderfuls are in luck!  The Wonder Girls recently shared that they’ll be performing in Malaysia

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Yubin of Wonder Girls Shoots with “OH BOY!” for Animal Adoption.

1 Apr

Yubin Helps the Animals.

Fans and netizens alike are praising the Wonder Girls‘ sexy rapper, Kim Yubin, for her warm heart. The idol recently teamed up with “OH BOY!” magazine to shoot a pictorial for a charitable cause. According to “OH BOY!” photographer, Kim Hyeon Seong, Yubin reached out to him to ask if he was still interested in shooting a photo set to help bring awareness to animal adoptions.

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