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Big Bang’s Daesung Visits Funeral Site for Victim Hyun.

3 Jun

Daesung Visits the Funeral Site.

On the night of June 2nd, Daesung paid a visit to the funeral site of accident victim, Hyun. He apologized to the victim’s family after paying his respects to their loved one. The victim’s family stated, “Daesung arrived with his agency representatives. We received apologies from Daesung and from YG Entertainment, and talked about the procedures that will be taken from now.” Daesung visited the funeral site around 10:30PM KST. He came with five individuals, including the chairman of YG Entertainment and his attorney. It’s said that he kept his head down and said “I’m sorry“, and apologized again when a family member confronted him.

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Victim Hyun’s Family Speaks Out About Daesung’s Car Accident.

1 Jun

An Interview from Hyun’s Family.

Following the unfortunate news of Big Bang Daesung’s accident and motorcyclist Hyun’s (30) death, family members of Hyun gathered today for his funeral. On the afternoon of June 1st, Hyun’s family gathered at a funeral home in Seoul in remembrance of their beloved family member. The scene was reported to have been sorrowful as siblings, friends and relatives mourned over their loss.

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Hyun Young was a Victim of ‘Hit and Run’ by an Unlicensed Driver.

12 Apr

Victim of Hit and Run.

Entertainer Hyun Young was recently revealed to have been the victim of a hit-and-run accident by an unlicensed driver. On April 12th, the Seoul Kangnam Police Station revealed that Hyun Young’s van was hit from behind by a BMW sedan on April 9th at 9:30AM.

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