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C.J. Lewis Takes On SNSD’s “Genie” in English.

1 Jun

“Genie” Goes English.

In order to promote SNSD’s new Japanese album, British singer C.J. Lewis worked on Korean idol group SNSD hit track “GENIE” for an English remix version of their hit song!

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KARA Surpasses 1,000,000 Copies and Sells Big in Japan.

31 Mar

KARA Sells 1,00o,ooo Copies.

KARA has recorded over 1 million copies in album sales, after only eight months in the Japanese music industry! According to information revealed by Universal Music Japan on March 31st, KARA’s five albums – “Mister“, “Jumping“, “Girl’s Talk“, “Best Clips“, “KARA Best 2007-2010” – have sold a total of 1,080,000 copies in all.

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Release Date of Seungri’s Japanese Album, Revealed.

23 Mar

Japanese Album to be Released Soon.

As other artists’ releases in Japan, Seungri‘s Japanese edition of “VVIP” has been postponed until after the Japanese relief efforts have finished.

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SNSD To Release Japanese Ver. of ‘Run Devil Run’.

15 Jan

A Japanese Run Devil?

SNSD (Shoujo Jidai in Japan) is scheduled to release a Japanese version of their popular hit track “Run Devil Run” in Japan.

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4Minute’s Japanese “First” PV is Revealed.

20 Oct

Promotional Video Released;

Earlier today, a short version of the PV (Promotional Video) of 4minute’s upcoming Japanese single, “First” was release by Universal Music Japan.

If you guys were disappointed that the PV was cut midway, don’t worry, I’ve got the full PV of “First”, revealing the full audio of the track as well as some appealing eye candy of the girls throughout the PV.

Make sure to check out the full PV below.

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