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C.J. Lewis Takes On SNSD’s “Genie” in English.

1 Jun

“Genie” Goes English.

In order to promote SNSD’s new Japanese album, British singer C.J. Lewis worked on Korean idol group SNSD hit track “GENIE” for an English remix version of their hit song!

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4MEN Release Comeback Teaser ft; Pianist Jin Bora.

30 May

4MEN’s Comeback Teaser.

4MEN has just released their comeback teaser. Happyface Entertainment has revealed the video teaser for 4MEN’s first title song of their 4th full-length album, ‘The Artist‘ on their YouTube channel. 4MEN will carry out promotions for a total of 4 title songs in their new album.

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Secret Releases Individual Jacket Photos for “Starlight Moonlight”.

30 May

Personal Jacket Photos.

With only a few hours remaining until SECRET drops their new single, allkpop got an exclusive first look at their album jacket photos! Posing sweetly for the camera, the girls sport a soft look against the twilight to reflect the romantic mood associated with “Starlight, Moonlight“.

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[UPDATED] Sunny Hill Releases MV Teaser ft; BEG’s Gain +IU, Kikwang.

30 May

Sunny Hill’s Comeback Teaser.

Sunny Hill has released a dramatic comeback teaser for their new song, ‘Midnight Circus‘. Brown Eyed GirlsGa-In makes a guest appearance in the video as a circus girl who expresses the sadness and pain behind a circus’ extravagance with her eyes.

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Secret Reveal Teaser Concept Photo for Comeback.

30 May


New Concept Photo Released.

SECRET has just unveiled their comeback concept photo! As they seek to continue their trend of successes, SECRET decided to make a drastic transformation for their new title song, ‘Starlight, Moonlight‘.

In the photo, the girls look like characters straight out of a fairy tale, as they pose in a fantasy-inspired set. The atmosphere evokes a sense of wonder and curiosity, and fans are commenting over how different it looks from the retro-inspired teaser SECRET released a few days back.

Source: Economic Daily, Nate, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

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SNSD Releases 2nd Japanese Album Teaser.

28 May

 SNSD’s 2nd Teaser.

SM Entertainment stunned their fanbase when they released a second teaser for SNSD’s upcoming Japanese album!

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Secret Reveals MV Teaser for “Starlight Moonlight”.

26 May

SECRET Releases Comeback Teaser.

After taking a breather from their non-stop promotions for “Magic“, “Madonna“, and “Shy Boy“, SECRET is finally back with a new track that’s got some great retro flavor!

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Kim Hyunjoong Releases MV Teaser for Track, “Please”.

26 May

MV Teaser for “Please” Revealed. 

Ahead of the release of his title track, SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong has released a surprise music video teaser for “Please“, officially kicking off his comeback preparations. “Please” is a pop R&B track off of his upcoming mini-album and features a beautiful piano melody and a heavy orchestra arrangement that brings out the sadness of the lyrics.

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Upcoming Boy Group N-Train Releases Debut MV Teaser for “One Last Cry”.

25 May

N-Train’s “One Last Cry”.

Earlier last month, we reported about MediaLine Entertainment’s upcoming boy band, N-Train. For those unfamiliar with the label, it houses artists like Chae Yeon, VNT, and Lee Jung.

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A Preview of SNSD’s 1st Japanese Album Released.

21 May

Preview of SNSD’s 1st Japanese Album.

On June 1st, SNSD will be releasing their first Japanese original album “GIRLS’ GENERATION”. That’s still a few weeks away so to keep fans happy, they’ve released a special teaser for their upcoming album!

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