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2011: The Home to New/Rookie Girl Groups?

28 May

12 More Girl Groups.

If you thought the girl group rush was finally winding down this year, you’re in for a big shock, as 12 groups have announced that they’ll be making their debut in the second half of 2011!

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Boyfriend Releases Debut Single, “Boyfriend”.

26 May

Boyfriend Releases 1st Single.

They’ve already got their own reality show in the works, and with the support of not only labelmate seniors K-Will and SISTAR, but hit composer Brave Brothers as well, Starship Entertainment’s Boyfriend is already proving to be a formidable debut.  On May 25th, the boys released their debut single album, “Boyfriend.”

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Boyfriend Releases Debut MV; “Boyfriend”.

26 May

Debut EP Released.

Starship Entertainment has just debuted their newest boy group named “Boyfriend!”

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Rookie Group Boyfriend to Document their Debut Process through Mnet’s ‘M! Pick’.

25 May

The Process of Debut.

Rookie idol group Boyfriend will be revealing their debut process through their Mnet’s “M! Pick.” “M! Pick” is a reality program that introduces rookies and shares their debut stories. Stars such as SS501 all went through the process, and it’s now even called ‘the gateway to the industry for idols’.

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Upcoming Boy Group ‘Boyfriend’ Releases Debut Album Jacket Cover Photos.

23 May


Album Jacket Cover Photos.

After releasing their MV teaser for “Water Floor earlier this week, Starship Entertainment’s upcoming boy group, ‘Boyfriend‘, has followed up with their album jacket photos today.

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Upcoming Boy Group ‘Boyfriend’ Releases Debut MV Teaser for “Water Floor”.

21 May

Boyfriend Teases w/ “Water Floor”.

Starship Entertainment is set to debut a new boy group named “Boyfriend” on May 26th. They have Recently released a teaserfor their debut single, you can watch it here.

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SISTAR 1st Sub-Unit ‘SISTAR 19’ +Reveals MV Teaser for “Ma Boy”.

28 Apr

SISTAR 19’s MV Teaser for “Ma Boy”.

SISTAR has just announced their first ever unit project, ‘SISTAR 19‘, featuring main vocalist Hyorin and rapper Bora! The ‘19′ in their name represents the age that girls mature into women, and it also embodies the sense of innocence yet uncertainty they feel. They aim to showcase these feelings through their lyrics and concept.

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Starship Entertainment Reveals Profiles of Twins for upcoming boy band, “Boyfriend”.

23 Mar


Upcoming Boy Group w/ Twins?

Starship Entertainment, the agency behind SISTAR and K-Will, has announced further details regarding their upcoming boy band!

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K.Will Releases 2nd Title Track MV for “I Can’t Find the Words”.

21 Mar

K.Will Releases Another MV.

On March 22nd, singer K-Will released the music video for his second title track, “I Can’t Find the Words,” which features IU and a special Starship Entertainment trainee.

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SISTAR Agency Only Allows Them to Date Top Stars?

16 Mar

SISTAR With Top Star?

While guesting on MBC’s “Radio Star“, SISTAR’s Bora revealed a unique clause in their contracts with Starship Entertainment.

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