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Kim Hyunjoong to Release His Comeback Album Simultaneously Across Asia

26 May

 All Across Asia.

SS501’s leader, Kim Hyun Joong, will soon be releasing his first ever mini-album simultaneously across Asia.

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Korean Music Wave 2011′ Sets Room for 10 Hallyu Groups in Singapore.

7 May

2011’s Korean Music Wave.

Having organized the Korean Pop Night Concert 2010 last year, Proof Label is back again with the organization of Korean Music Wave 2011 this coming July 15th in Singapore. The concert will be headlined by YG stars, Big Bang and 2NE1, along with 8 others which include F.T. Island, U-Kiss, miss A, The Boss, Teen Top, Dal Shabet, TOUCH and X-5.

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SE7EN To Tour &Promote Overseas.

31 Mar

SE7EN To Tour.

After celebrating his 8th career anniversary back on March 22nd, Se7en has decided that he will be touring overseas to meet with his fans.

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JYJ Announces World Tour +Jaejoong Will Play Director.

25 Feb


JYJ is gearing up to embark on a large-scale world tour. The trio is planning to resume their overseas promotions in April by hosting the ‘JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011‘, which will visit five Asian countries and five North American cities.

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Super Junior’s Yesung Nailed with a Lightstick on Stage.

29 Jan

Yesung is Injured?

 Today, we are reporting on what appears to be a rather serious incident involving member Yesung and a fan’s lightstick during their “Super Show 3“ concert in Singapore.

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Super Junior’s Heechul &Leeteuk involved in Minor Car Accident.

28 Jan

Suju in Trouble?

Members of Super Junior have arrived in Singapore for their first “Super Show 3” concert in the country. However, it looks like they ran into a bit of trouble during their stay.

On January 28th, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Heechul were involved in a minor car accident.

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Kim Hyunjoong; Comments on Looking ‘Cool’ in Singapore.

4 Dec


White for Kim Hyun Joong.

Nonchalant, cool and nary a smile from him, Kim Hyun Joong, with his boy-next-door good looks is surprisingly not unlike his character on the hit Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers”.

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“Athena: Goddess of War” First Episode Preview: Siwon.

17 Nov

Athena: Goddess of War

With a production budget of $17 million, and filming locations in Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, China, Singapore, and more, there has been feverish anticipation for the IRIS spin off, Athena: Goddess of War. Although originally set to air in November the broadcast date on SBS has been pushed back to December due to the popularity of the SBS drama Giant.

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JYJ Holds a Showcase in Singapore.

17 Oct

Showcase in Singapore;

JYJ arrived in Singapore on October 16th, 2010 after performing in Bangkok the day before. With a massive fan base worldwide, throngs of fans were at Singapore Changi Airport to welcome them. JYJ later attended a press conference prior to their showcase in the evening. Here are some questions they answered at the press conference:

How did the collaboration with Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins come about?

Junsu: ‘The Beginning’ is planned to be released worldwide. It was recorded in English, Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins also took part in the album. We worked very hard for the album and we hope that you will listen to it.

Yoo Chun: Warner Bros, were trying to help us collaborate with famous artists in the U.S. like Ne-Yo, then we managed to hooked up with Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins.


Were you surprised that Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins heard about you and welcomed the idea of working together?

Yoo Chun: We never thought that they would know us, we were honored to be able to work with them.

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SS501’s Park Jungmin Goes SOLO.

1 Oct



Jungmin goes Solo?

SS501’s Park Jung Min talked about his upcoming solo activities and confessed his feelings on his group performing as solo artists, at his official press conference on September 30th.

Park Jung Min contracted with Sony Music and revealed his future activities in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore. In addition, he has already contracted with Yamaha Music Entertainment on the 17th in order to expand his Japanese activities, making Sony Music his official distributor for the rest of Asia.

Park Jung Min is the first member of SS501 to officially announce his solo activities in Japan and the rest of Asia. Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng are currently planning to release their own future activities as well. Fans have been wondering how the SS501 members will stay together with all of the members spread out.

In a meeting with reporters, he stated, “A long time ago, I used to think that one of the members could take my place. However, I now believe that right now is the time that our members stand on their own. A group was nice but we all chose solo activities especially for that reason. We did think about going on as five members, but I honestly don’t think that our decision not to is bad.”

– How do you feel about entering the Chinese market?
“I want to be who I am, fresh and fun. It’s hard matching myself to new people but I will do my best.”

– What do you think are some of the aspects Chinese people like you for?
“I’m good at getting comfortable with people and laugh easily. They probably like my friendless and my willingness to learn their language.”

– Do you have any worries?
“Nothing in particular. I’m good at adjusting. However, the Chinese are very religious. As long as I adjust my lifestyle, I think I will be fine.”

– CEO Choi Jin Dong said he will be making you into an even bigger star.
“I’m still lacking a lot of things but I will try my best. I feel like I’ve returned to being a student lately. The minute I wake up, I get managed from head to toe. I have to exercise, rehearse, learn languages, etc. It’s like I’m a trainee again, preparing for debut 5-6 years after I’ve already debuted.”

– Where do you want to be in a year? In five years?
“Since I’m just now taking my first step, I’d like for me to advance a bit faster in a year. I want more people to take notice of me, and five years later, finally find my place. I’d also love to work with the SS501 members once a year. The members want that as well but we’re all in separate agencies. I’d like to personally set a date and actually do it but there’s two that are still trying to finalize their agency contracts.”

– You’ve gone from being a group member to a solo artist. What do you need to do for yourself?
“Being without my members and staff that have been with me up to this point, it’s lonely. I’ve just now started learning Japanese and Chinese. There are things that I’m able to see alone that I wasn’t able to see as one of the other members. I gained weight during our last album and didn’t notice it but now I see those things clearly.”

– Your Korean comeback is set for November. How is that coming along?
“It’s still in the production process. I’ll work hard to make sure it doesn’t get delayed past this year.”

– You’re the first of the SS501 members to officially announce your Chinese activities. What was your main concern?
“I thought that being given the opportunity to work with these people was a rare chance. The Hallyu wave is becoming stronger than ever in the Asian market. I was worried up until the last moment, actually. Sony Music put a lot of faith in me which is why I decided to go through with it.”

– Will it be more difficult to see you in Korea after this year?
“I’m going to be staying in Korea this year for as long as possible. However, I must go overseas next year for my drama. I am hoping to participate in OSTs and whatnot, though. “

– Do you have anything you’d like to say to your fans?
“I’ll remain as the Jung Min they always knew, so please wait for me. I’ll be meeting them all soon with a brand new image.”



Credit: Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

Goodluck to Jungmin :]

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