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FT Island Speak About: Their Comeback, Japanese Achievements and Celebrity Friends.

1 Jun

FT Island Takes an Interview w/ IS Sports.

After achieving much success in Japan, the boys of F.T. Island have finally returned to their home turf more confident than ever. Their first Japanese album, “Five Treasure Island“, ranked at the top of Oricon’s weekly chart, the first for a foreign artist in Oricon’s 42 years of history. The boys recently sat down for an interview with IS Sports in commemoration of the feat and shared their thoughts on their impressive achievements.  Check it out below!

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Boom to Return to SBS’s “Strong Heart” this September.

26 May


Boom Back on TV.

Rapper/MC Boom, who’s been serving in the army since October of 2009, has announced that he’ll be returning to SBS’s “Strong Heart” this September following his discharge in August!

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Big Bang Will Return With 2 Title Track Songs; “Love Song” &”Stupid Liar”.

27 Mar

Big Bang To Return with 2 DTitle Tracks,

Big Bang will be continuing their promotions with double title tracks, “Love Song” and “Stupid Liar,” from their upcoming special album! The YG-Life blog previously teased about the release with an image that read “I HATE THIS LOVE SONG!”, and officials have confirmed that the line is actually a part of the lyrics for “Love Song”!

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KARA Has Returned Home +2NE1 To Return on the 12th.

12 Mar

KARA Returns, 2NE1 Returning.

Five member girl group KARA was recently in Japan to finish up their schedule, however, due to the earthquake which shook Japan on March 11th, KARA planned for an emergency trip back to Seoul. The members arrived safe and sound at Seoul’s Gimpo International Airport, and reporters flocked to the scene to snap photos. On the 11th, the members were able to wrap up filming for their Japanese drama, “URAKARA“, before the natural disaster took place.

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After School’s Bekah to Return as of Late January.

16 Jan

We’ll be Waiting.

After School’s Bekah will be returning to the fold by the end of January in order to join the group’s preparations for their March comeback.

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After School’s Comeback Picture Revealed.

1 Dec

After School Time.

Earlier in the month, it was revealed that After School was returning to the K-pop scene in December. Originally, it was thought that they were returning on December 2nd but it’s now been revealed that they’re returning on December 7th with a single titled ‘Love Love Love.’

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BEAST Returns @ the ‘2010 Love Sharing Concert’.

14 Nov

 Welcome Back, BEAST.

After saying goodbye with “Soom” not too long ago, the B2ST boys are now back with a new round of promotions starting with the “2010 Love Sharing Concert” on November 14th. Having taken your breath away with “Soom” before saying goodbye, the B2ST boys now return to say the “Lights Go On Again” because you are “Beautiful.”

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[Gossip] Sunmi is Redebuting/Coming Back to the Wonder Girls?

18 Oct

Sunmi will make a Comeback?

With news of Sunmi (18) being accepted Dongkook University on October 15th, fans have been highly anticipating her comeback after previously withdrawing from the Wonder Girls.

Why are fans expecting a comeback? There have been many accounts in which fans reported seeing Sunmi visit the JYP Entertainment building often, stimulating discussion as to whether or not she’s preparing to return to the Wonder Girls.

JYP Entertainment stated, “It is true that Sunmi came to our office to learn dancing and singing even after her withdrawal. However, as opposed to calling it a rehearsal, she just comes to visit her friends and dance a bit while playing with them. Her contract is still valid, but as her withdrawal was decided by herself, her return to the industry will also be decided by herself.”

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