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Sunny Hill Releases Comeback EP +MV “Midnight Circus”.

4 Jun

Sunny Hill Returns.

Sunny Hill has made their return to the Korean music landscape with the release of their latest EP, “Midnight Circus.” In addition, their MV for ‘Midnight Circus’ was also released. This co-ed group have always been known for their soft, innocent styles, but they’re determined to let it all go this time around for a 180-degree transformation for their comeback. Originally comprised of three members (Jang Hyun, Seung Ah, and Joobi), the group revealed a fourth member named Kota recently, who was a part of the ‘Narsha Group‘ with Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha for “Mamma Mia“. Shortly thereafter, they added a fifth member namedMisung.’ During their period of hiatus, the members revealed that they studied music to hone their skills as singer-songwriters. With “Midnight Circus,” the group entirely produced, composed, and written all the tracks, showing how much they’ve grown during their hiatus.

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Radio Rip of SNSD’s “The Great Escape” Revealed.

30 May

SNSD’s “The Great Escape”.

The audio for SNSD’s “The Great Escape” from their upcoming Japanese album, “Girls’ Generation, has just been revealed through Bay FM radio!

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A Preview of Super Junior’s “Bijin (Bonamana)”, Released.

16 May

“Bijin” Audio Teaser.

A short preview of Korean boy band Super Junior’s song “Bijin (BONAMANA)” has recently been revealed!

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A Preview of SHINee’s “Hello” in Japanese.

15 May

“Hello” in Japanese.

SHINee has been really busy lately preparing for their upcoming Japanese debut single ‘Replay’ and now a low quality preview of ‘Hello’ has surfaced! 

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Japanese TV Shows Preview of SNSD’s “Mr.Taxi” PV.

25 Apr

SNSD “Mr.Taxi” Preview.

As fans patiently wait for SNSD’s upcoming new single, “MR. TAXI” on April 27th, a special video preview for the MV has been released.

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JYJ’s Preview for Their Documentary ‘3hree Voices’ Revealed.

7 Apr

Photo Teasers for JYJ.

On April 7th, JYJ revealed teaser photos of their upcoming documentary movie, “3hree Voices“.

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FT Island’s “Satisfaction” Revealed @ ‘One Piece x Toriko Crossover’ Ending.

3 Apr

FT Island’s “Satisfaction”

It was revealed a few weeks ago that FT Island would be taking the helm for the theme song of the Japanese anime “One Piece x Toriko Crossover”, and with the series having launched its first episode last evening, the new track has been revealed!

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A-Peace Releases 2nd Ver. MV Teaser for “Lover Boy”.

1 Apr

Preview, Verison #2.

Late last month, Golden Goose Entertainment’s 21-member boyband, ‘A-Peace‘ (formerly known as Double B/21), declared their comeback with the release of their MV teaser for “Lover Boy“. Now they’re back again with verison two of the teaser.

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Upcoming Girl Group ‘Swincle’ Reveals a Preview of Debut Song “Shake Ur Body”.

19 Mar

“Shake Ur Body” – Preview.

New girl group Swincle gave a short preview of their title song “Shake Ur Body” at their first showcase. As mentioned previously, the group is composed of 5 girls who look up to KARA for inspiration.

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Preview of SBS’s ‘Running Man’ ft; Daesung &Yonghwa.

17 Mar

Running Man Preview Revealed.

Last week, photos of Big Bang’s Daesung on the set of SBS’s ‘Running Man‘ left fans in a state of high excitement for the upcoming episode.

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