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KARA Releases Album Jacket Covers +Tracklist for “Go Go Summer!”

2 Jun

  Forth Japanese Single.

After putting their differences behind them, KARA is preparing to release their fourth Japanese single, “Go Go Summer!“. There’ll be four versions available – three limited editions and of course, a regular edition. ‘Limited Edition A’ is a CD+DVD, ‘Limited Edition B’ comes with a photobook, and ‘Limited Edition C’ will have an bonus track enclosed. “Go Go Summer!” will be released on June 29th, but it’s likely that we’ll be able to hear a radio rip fairly soon. In the meantime, check out the full track lists and covers below!

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Teaser Photos of B2ST’s Junhyung &Park Boyoung from “Fiction” Revealed.

14 May

Junhyung &Park Byoung as Lovers.

Yesterday, B2ST released their first teaser for their upcoming full-length album, “Fiction and Fact“. The teaser was created under the concept of a dramatic ‘intro movie’, and it proved to be a highly popular manoeuvre as the video instantly gained an explosive spike in hits.

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5dolls Releases MV “Like This or That” +Comeback Concept Photos.

11 May

5dolls Release “This or That” MV.

Co-Ed’s female sub-unit 5dolls are back for another round of promotions after concluding their debut earlier this year.The girls teamed up with hit composers Kim Kibum, Kang Jiwon, Shinsadong Tiger, and Choi Kyu Sang for a new club remix album titled, “Time to Play“.

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Park Jungmin Releases Photobook Photos from “The, Park Jungmin”.

9 Apr

PJungmin Reveals Some Images.

SS501’s Park Jung Min has revealed some photos from his new photobook, which ranges in concept from sweet to chic. Eight days after releasing his first mini-album, “The, Park Jung Min“, we’re finally able to see some of the images from the photobook, which is packaged with the physical album.  

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JYJ’s Preview for Their Documentary ‘3hree Voices’ Revealed.

7 Apr

Photo Teasers for JYJ.

On April 7th, JYJ revealed teaser photos of their upcoming documentary movie, “3hree Voices“.

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2NE1 +Adidas Release Collabrative Photos for “We are Orignal”.

26 Mar

2NE1 For Adidas, “We are Orignal”.

Earlier, we reported that 2NE1 had finally signed an official contract with “adidas Originals” for their own collaboration project, “We Are Originals.As self-proclaimed fans of each other’s works, the two decided on creating an official partnership for a variety of fun upcoming summer programs and events for their fans. 

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Celebrities Participate in Supporting Naver’s “Pray for Japan” Photo Campaign.

21 Mar


In Support of Japan, Please Help.

Musicians, athletes, and TV stars have all been participating in the Pray For Japan“ photo support campaign, run by portal site Naver and Japan’s NHN. The campaign asks celebrities to take a photo of themselves with a “Pray for Japan” sign on their cellphones as an act of support for the ongoing disaster relief efforts in Japan.

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Album Jacket Concept Photo for Jieun’s Solo Debut Revealed.

27 Feb

Album Jacket Photo Unveiled.

SECRET’s main vocalist Ji Eun revealed her solo teaser for “Going Crazy” earlier today which featured actress Min Hyorin, and she followed up with the release of her album jacket photo.

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Super Junior-M Releases Comeback Teaser Images.

12 Feb

Teaser Images Revealed.

After a long hiatus, Super Junior’s sub-group, Super Junior-M, will be making their comeback this Valentine’s Day.

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LPG Releases their Album Jacket Photos.

5 Feb

Jacket Photos Released.

After releasing the music video for their newest track, “I’m Sorry That I’m a Nuna,” the 5 ladies of LPG followed up with the unveiling of their album jacket pictures!

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