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SHINee’s Japanese MV Ver. of “Replay -君は僕のeverything-“!

26 May

Japanese Ver. MV Released

Shawols, it’s out, it’s out! Popular boy group SHINee has been teasing us endlessly for their Japanese remake of their Korean debut song, “Replay” and finally, it’s out for all of us to enjoy!

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SHINee Releases MV Teaser for “Replay -君は僕のeverything-”!

16 May

SHINee’s “Replay” in Japanese.

Having announced earlier that SHINee would be debuting in Japan with “Replay“, EMI Music Japan has today released the official MV teaser through their YouTube channel.

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A Preview of SHINee’s “Hello” in Japanese.

15 May

“Hello” in Japanese.

SHINee has been really busy lately preparing for their upcoming Japanese debut single ‘Replay’ and now a low quality preview of ‘Hello’ has surfaced! 

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SHINee Releases “Replay” in Japanese.

28 Apr

Replay in Japanese.

Fans are patiently waiting for SHINee to debut in Japan with the Japanese version of “Replay” on June 22nd.

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This Week’s MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’ is Canceled.

2 Apr

Music Core is Canceled.

Due to MBC broadcasting the 2011 Lotte Card Pro Baseball opening today, “Show! Music Core” has been canceled for the week.

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SHINee and f(x) Model for Auction.

26 Mar

SHINee and f(x) for Auction,

Popular idol groups SHINee and f(x) put on their best spring clothes for their photoshoot with online shopping mall, ‘Auction‘. For the site’s spring catalog, the members of SHINee and f(x) were outfitted in bright, colorful patterns, which were balanced by their sweet, pastel-hued props.

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JYJ’s Yoochun is 4minute’s Ideal Guy?

29 Jan

Their Ideal Man is Who?

4minute’s new reality show, “Mr. Teacher“, recently aired its second episode, in which the girls played a round of  ”Ideal Type World Cup” to find 4minute’s ideal guy!

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Shannon from ‘Star King’ gets Signed to Core Contents Media.

22 Jan

Signed Via. Star King?

After causing quite a stir as a talented singer from the UK on “Star King“, Shannon has signed with Core Contents Media.

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Japan Crashes SHINee’s New Website.

4 Jan

Japan Loves SHINee.

SHINee has shown their explosive popularity in Japan once more through the opening of their official Japanese website.

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SHINee’s Concert Attracked an Audience of Many Idols.

2 Jan

Many Idols Attended SHINee’s Concert?

After successfully kicking off their first concerts in Tokyo and Seoul over the past week, SHINee wrapped up their two-day “SHINee World” concert tour last night.

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