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Kim Hyunjoong to Release His Comeback Album Simultaneously Across Asia

26 May

 All Across Asia.

SS501’s leader, Kim Hyun Joong, will soon be releasing his first ever mini-album simultaneously across Asia.

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Cho PD Decusses the Korean Music Industry +His Upcoming Album.

20 May

An Interview w/ Cho PD. 

Known for his ruthless style and straightforward approach to criticizing society, Cho PD was once called the representative ‘bad boy’ of the Korean music industry. However, by acting as a judge on audition programs and even producing his own rookie group, he’s taken one step closer to the public with a gentler image.

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Liberty Forward Party Creates Bill to Ban Lip/Hand-Syncing in Broadcast Performances.

14 May


To Ban Lip/Hand-Syncing?

The days of lip-syncing and hand-syncing may finally be coming to an end, as it was recently revealed that a bill for banning the two acts was presented to the Korean government. To clarify the bill proposed by the Liberty Forward Party., lip-syncing and hand-syncing are acts of mimicry, in which the artist pretends to be singing or playing an instrument. On May 13th, Senator Lee Myung Soo of the Forward Liberty Party reportedly submitted a Public Performance Act, which proposed that artists should not be allowed to lip-sync or hand-sync during commercial performances or broadcasts where the artists are given performance wages.

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Lee Sooman Reveals Info about Upcoming 12 Member Group.

8 May


News about “M1” Revealed.

Earlier, we reported that SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man gave a lecture for 32 Stanford University students on the theory of culture technology and SM’s globalization and business management strategies. During the lecture, he was filmed on camera dropping some information about his upcoming 12-member boyband,

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk Recieves IV Treatment After Completion of Vietnamese Concert.

8 May

Leeteuk in the Hospital.

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk was recently raised some concerns amongst fans after it was revealed that he was hospitalized for exhaustion. On the morning of May 8th, the idol tweeted, “Exhaustion.. I’m at the hospital getting an IV treatment.”

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X-5’s Haewon Discovered to Have Known 4 Languages.

8 May

More than Just a Pretty Face.

In an interview with Sports Chosun, X-5’s Haewon revealed that he’s fluent in three foreign languages. Born in 1991, he boasts a tall height of 186 cm, and has handsome looks to boot. There’s more behind that pretty face, though, as it was discovered that he’s fluent in Russian, English, Japanese and Ofcourse Korean.

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Super Junior-M Releases “Too Perfect” Repackaged Album in Korea &Taiwan.

5 May

For Both Korea and Taiwan.

On April 29th, Super Junior-M released a repackaged album for “Too Perfect” featuring a CD+DVD version both in Korea and Taiwan. This repackaged album features a re-arrangement of a famous Taiwanese folk song, “西風的話“, into an a cappella version by composer Kenzie

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TN Entertainment Talks About a Possible Korean Comeback f/ SMASH.

25 Apr

Information Stated on SMASH.

After Tony An revealed that he was producing a male idol group a few days ago, fans of SMASH (the other idol group under his agency) have been questioning the whereabouts of the band.

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French Hallyu Fanclub “Korea Connection” Visits Korea.

25 Apr

 Korea Connection from France.

As previously reported, French fans have been earning the attention of the Korean media for their knowledge and interest in the Hallyu wave.  Recently, Daily News caught up with a few of the members from the French Hallyu fanclub, “Korean Connection“, during their visit to Korea. Most of the members knew a slew of Korean idol names that they easily listed once asked.

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Lita’s Explains Her Dream &Story on Debuting in Korea.

18 Apr

Lita’s Long and Hard Road to Korea.

A new rookie solo by the name of Lita (19) has emerged, and she’s brought a long a unique story to tell as well. She comes to Korea by the way of Thailand based on her love for K-pop alone, and despite having to start with knowing virtually nobody in a foreign country, she’s managed to not only debut, but find a dream of becoming the next Yoon Mirae as well.

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