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FT Island Speak About: Their Comeback, Japanese Achievements and Celebrity Friends.

1 Jun

FT Island Takes an Interview w/ IS Sports.

After achieving much success in Japan, the boys of F.T. Island have finally returned to their home turf more confident than ever. Their first Japanese album, “Five Treasure Island“, ranked at the top of Oricon’s weekly chart, the first for a foreign artist in Oricon’s 42 years of history. The boys recently sat down for an interview with IS Sports in commemoration of the feat and shared their thoughts on their impressive achievements.  Check it out below!

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Kim Jong Kook to Feature in his Niece Soya’s Solo Debut track.

12 Nov

A 15 Year Run.

Singer Kim Jong Kook broke his 15 year run in not featuring in any other artist’s album in order to help out his soon-to-debut niece.

Kim Jong Kook will be featuring in Soya’s (20) solo debut single, to be released this coming November 16th. It was reported that ever since his Turbo days back in 1995, the singer has never participated in the recording for another artist’s album.

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