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Kim Hyunjoong to Release His Comeback Album Simultaneously Across Asia

26 May

 All Across Asia.

SS501’s leader, Kim Hyun Joong, will soon be releasing his first ever mini-album simultaneously across Asia.

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KBS to Celebrate the 600th Ep of ‘Music Bank’ +Broadcasting to International Audiences?

3 Apr

600th Episode of Music Bank.

With the Hallyu wave growing faster than ever, one of the main driving forces behind the wave is looking to step things up with their upcoming milestone. KBS’s “Music Bank” will be celebrating their 600th episode this month, and their focus is on none other than the international audience. In an interview with Yonhap News, PD Kim Sang Ho revealed, “By this July, ‘Music Bank’ will be airing live in 70 different broadcast stations around the world.  We also have plans for a monthly magazine catering specifically to international fans as well.”  KBS already established their international channel, “KBS World,” last year, and currently broadcasts to 54 different stations all over the world, not only including Asia, but Europe and the Middle East as well but is now thinking of new plans to showcase the Korean Culture.

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Big Bang To Release Next Album With the Help of Big Name Producer?

16 Mar

Big Bang will Explode Korea.

Big Bang appears to be dead-set on making 2011 their year, as they’ve just announced plans for another album release! On March 17th, representatives of YG Entertainment spoke through Star News and revealed, “Big Bang will be promoting in Korea a lot this year, and are currently preparing for a new album that will surprise fans.”

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Mnet’s M! Countdown Becomes the 1st Program to Make Voting International.

10 Mar


M! Countdown Goes International.

Mnet’s “M! Countdown” will be the first Korean music program to implement a voting system for international fans. On March 10th, producers of the show revealed, “Heeding the K-pop wave, we have decided to change up the way the music chart is calculated by introducing an online voting system that allows international fans to participate.”

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Soohyun of U-KISS Reveals He was Sexually Harassed Abroad.

2 Feb

Poor Soohyun, It’s Alright :[

U-KISS‘ Soohyun endured a shocking experience while at a foreign airport. Apparently, the idol was sexually harassed by an international female fan as he was returning from an overseas concert.

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Bi Rain Creates a 300,000 USD Lawsuit Against Sports Seoul.

20 Nov


300,000 K – Dang Rain.

Singer Rain has filed a $300,000 USD lawsuit against a media agency that released reports on his gambling controversy.

Rain’s law firm, Hwa Woo, revealed on November 19th that a lawsuit was filed against Sports Seoul for falsely reporting on Rain’s gambling series in Las Vegas, as well as on suspicions of draft dodging. According to his legal representative, they’re seeking $200,000 USD from Sports Seoul and $100,000 USD from six Sports Seoul journalists, wrapping up to a total of $300,000 USD in compensation for damages.

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MBC Holds International Auditions Via. Youtube

7 Nov

Open Audtions?

MBC’s “The Birth of a Great Star” will be giving a groundbreaking opportunity to everyone around the world to become K-Pop stars through their new Youtube audition program.

Anyone will be able to upload and submit video entries in order to earn the chance to win $300,000 USD and a debut supported by MBC.

MBC outlined their rules and expectations in the following manner:

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