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Radio Rip of SNSD’s “The Great Escape” Revealed.

30 May

SNSD’s “The Great Escape”.

The audio for SNSD’s “The Great Escape” from their upcoming Japanese album, “Girls’ Generation, has just been revealed through Bay FM radio!

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SNSD Performs “Mr.Taxi” in Japan +Stays to Talk.

14 May

SNSD Drives in Japan.

On the May 13th broadcasting of Japanese music program “Music Station“, SNSD stopped by to give a performance of “Mr. Taxi“!

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SNSD Gets a Break, JYPE Wants to Stay Healthy +YG’s Popularity Methods.

17 Apr

SNSD Gets a Break?

After conquering 2010 with their successes from “Hoot” promotions late last year, it was recently revealed that SNSD had received a “surprise present” from their agency, SM Entertainment, as a way to give them time off before their soon-to-come full fledged venture into the Japanese market. SM Entertainment reportedly rented out an entire holiday home in Gyeonggi-do for all nine members to stay for two days, and designed it in the form of an ‘exclusive club’.

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SNSD Releases ‘Visual Dreams’ Intel Endorsement MV.

18 Jan

MV Released.

The nine girls of SNSD have just moments ago released the music video to “Visual Dreams“, the song created for their Intel endorsement.

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