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C.J. Lewis Takes On SNSD’s “Genie” in English.

1 Jun

“Genie” Goes English.

In order to promote SNSD’s new Japanese album, British singer C.J. Lewis worked on Korean idol group SNSD hit track “GENIE” for an English remix version of their hit song!

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SNSD Releases their 1st Japanese Full Length Album.

1 Jun

SNSD’s Full Length Japanese Album.

Fans have been waiting eagerly for June 1st in anticipation of Shoujo Jidai’s first full-length album! Well it’s June 1st in Japan, and as scheduled, the girls have finally unleashed all twelve tracks from their self-titled album! Comprised of four remade tracks and eight original ones, Shoujo Jidai has prepared an audio treat for both old fans and new. We’ve got the album below, so take a listen and toss us your thoughts on their new work!

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A Preview of SNSD’s 1st Japanese Album Released.

21 May

Preview of SNSD’s 1st Japanese Album.

On June 1st, SNSD will be releasing their first Japanese original album “GIRLS’ GENERATION”. That’s still a few weeks away so to keep fans happy, they’ve released a special teaser for their upcoming album!

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SNSD To Release their 1st Full Japanese Album in June.

15 May

SNSD’s 1st Japanese Album.

On June 1st, SNSD will be releasing their first Japanese original album “GIRLS’ GENERATION”. This album will have 12 songs including their hit singles “GENIE”, “Gee”, “Run Devil Run” and “MR. TAXI”.

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A Fabricated Hallyu Wave is the Claim of Japanese Comics.

12 Jan

A Fabricated Hallyu Wave?

A Japanese comic series belittling and attacking Korean idol singers has been circulating on the web and recently caught the attention of Korean fans.

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KARA and SNSD Earn Millions in Japan.

20 Dec

Girl Groups make the Profit.

KARA and SNSD have proved themselves to be the leaders of Korean girl groups in the Japanese market because of their tremendous achievements in sales.

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SNSD’s ‘Genie’ Ranks #1 on Japanese iTunes.

13 Dec

SNSD Rules Japan.

SNSD’s debut Japanese single ‘Genie‘ was recently selected by iTunes Japan as the #1 ‘Breakthrough Album of 2010′ on its ‘2010: Music, 2010 BEST‘ chart.

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SNSD Releases Special Edition ‘Hoot’ Mini Album in Japan.

2 Dec

Special Edition Released.

Shoujo Jidai (SNSD) will release their Korean mini album, “Hoot“, in Japan on December 22, 2010, right before Christmas. The album will be kept in its original Korean language format, but the Japanese Limited Edition albums will include six bonux tracks and a DVD with the “Hoot” music video. So instead of five tracks, the CD will have a total of eleven.

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SNSD goes Japanese?

28 Aug


 Korea’s Girl’s Generation, but Japan’s Shoujo Jidai.

Korea’s number 1 girl group Girl’s Generation(SNSD) has recently held a debut performance in Japan at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo. They performed five songs (Gee, Run Devil Run, Oh! and Into the New World) during the live inculding their debut Japanese single “GENIE” which will offically go on sale next month. They will be releasing the debut single on September 8th of 2010.


SNSD’s Japanese Verison of the Music Video “Tell me your wish” (Genie) can be seen below:

Offical Japanese Dance Verison:




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