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Sunny Hill Releases Comeback EP +MV “Midnight Circus”.

4 Jun

Sunny Hill Returns.

Sunny Hill has made their return to the Korean music landscape with the release of their latest EP, “Midnight Circus.” In addition, their MV for ‘Midnight Circus’ was also released. This co-ed group have always been known for their soft, innocent styles, but they’re determined to let it all go this time around for a 180-degree transformation for their comeback. Originally comprised of three members (Jang Hyun, Seung Ah, and Joobi), the group revealed a fourth member named Kota recently, who was a part of the ‘Narsha Group‘ with Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha for “Mamma Mia“. Shortly thereafter, they added a fifth member namedMisung.’ During their period of hiatus, the members revealed that they studied music to hone their skills as singer-songwriters. With “Midnight Circus,” the group entirely produced, composed, and written all the tracks, showing how much they’ve grown during their hiatus.

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[UPDATED] Sunny Hill Releases MV Teaser ft; BEG’s Gain +IU, Kikwang.

30 May

Sunny Hill’s Comeback Teaser.

Sunny Hill has released a dramatic comeback teaser for their new song, ‘Midnight Circus‘. Brown Eyed GirlsGa-In makes a guest appearance in the video as a circus girl who expresses the sadness and pain behind a circus’ extravagance with her eyes.

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Nega Network Proclaims the Delay of Brown Eyed Girls Comeback, Again.

26 May


Delayed Comeback, AGAIN?

The Brown Eyed Girls are definitely perfectionists, and no costs are being spared for their highly-anticipated comeback this summer. Earlier, we reported that they trashed an entire 15-track album because it didn’t live up to their expectations. Well, to this date, the girls have revealed that they’ve trashed three albums’ worth of recordings now.

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Gain Finishes Her Filming for Sitcom “All my Love”.

11 May


Gain Finishes Filming.

It was revealed on May 9th that Ga-In will be leaving the MBC daily sitcom “All My Love” after wrapping up filming for her final scene today.

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Brown Eyed Girls to Return Sometime in June.

25 Apr

Brown Eyed Girls, Back in June.

It’s been almost two years since the Brown Eyed Girls released their hit tracks,”Abracadabra” and “Sign“, and their fans are becoming impatient for news on their comeback. Addressing the requests for updates, Nega Network replied, “The girls are working heavily on their album preparations at the moment. The earliest they’ll be making their comeback is around the end of June.”

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MBC’s ‘All my Love’ to be Extended Until Mid-September.

15 Mar

All My Love to be Extended.

Due to the steady popularity of MBC’s sitcom “All My Love“, the producers have decided to extend the series. On March 15th, a program representative expressed, “We have decided to extend ‘All My Love’ to continue until mid-September. We are planning to shoot just a little over 200 episodes.

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The “Adam Couple” Will Reunite in Thailand.

10 Mar

 Adam Couple Will Reunite.

Many were sad to see the ‘Adam Couple‘ go their separate ways in January, but it looks like 2AM’s Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed GirlsGa-In will be reuniting once more! The “We Got Married” couple will visit Thailand to perform their duet song, ‘We Fell In Love‘.

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Brown Eyed Girls Set to Release 4th Album in March.

9 Feb


 Release Date Set.

A few weeks ago, it was reported that the Brown Eyed Girls would make their comeback with their 4th studio album some time in March.

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Son Gain to Re-Sign her Contract with Nega Network.

2 Feb

Son Gain to Re-Sign Contract.

On February 2nd’s broadcast of MBC’s Lunar New Year special of “Golden Fishery’s” corner “Radio Star,” Ga-In showed her deep affection for her group, Brown Eyed Girls.

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Audio Preview for INFINITE’s ‘All my Love’ OST Revealed.

25 Jan

Audio Preview.

Jo Kwon and Ga-In’s daily sitcom, “All My Love“, has drawn a lot of star power for both cameo appearances and OST contributions. Seven-member idol group INFINITE is the latest idol group to lend their talents for the talent, as they sang for a brand-new track.

Though the title is yet unknown, we’ve got a preview of the song.


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