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After School to Debut in Japan this Summer.

4 Jun

After School in Japanese?

Today it was revealed that nine-member Korean girl group After School will finally release their first Japanese single.

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After School Responds to Rumors on; Living Seperately, Graduation and Rebelling.

21 May


After School Answers Your Questions.

Back in 2009, idol group After School marked their official debut into the music industry with their single, “Ah!”, as a five-membered girl group that heavily focused on the image of a Korean “Pussycat Dolls“. What’s most unique about this group is that they have a admission-graduation system, where members are added or withdrawn in a “natural” manner. After School currently consists of nine members, with original member Yoo So Young being the only member to officially “graduate”, while members Nana, Lizzy, Raina, and more recently E-Young, were “admitted” into the group. The group recently came together to answer and clarify certain malignant rumors regarding their admission-graduation concept, as well as those about their supposedly “rebellious” pasts.

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After School Discusses Admission/Graduation Concept in their Group.

5 May

After School Discusses the Gradution System.

Although it’s a familiar concept in other music markets, After School was the first to debut with a unique admissions and graduation concept in Korea. It’s a genius system for the agencies themselves, since what better way to test out the potential of their trainees than by adding them as a rookie to an already established group? Unfortunately, the ones that must directly endure this system are the members themselves. Although there hasn’t been a formal departure yet (aside from Yoo So Young’s leave), one can only imagine the emotional and mental stress this puts on the relationships between the members.

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After School Releases 2 Comeback MVs; “Shampoo” &”Let’s Do This”.

28 Apr

AS Release Their Comeback MVs.

Earlier today, After School released their first official albumVirgin“. Following the release of their “ShampooMV teaser, Pledis Entertainment has released the full version of their music video. Also with the Shampoo MV they also Released the MV for “Let’s Do This”, So Please Check them Both Out.

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After School Releases Comeback MV Teaser for “Shampoo”.

25 Apr

After School Comeback MV Teaser.

After School has been dropping countless pictures for their long-awaited comeback, and now fans can get a more dynamic taste of what’s to come through this just-released MV teaser!

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Pledis Entertainment Reveals After School’s Comeback Poster.

25 Apr

After School’s Comeback Poster.

Releasing teasers galore (see 1, 2, 3, 4), After School is gearing up to launch their official comeback with their title track, “Shampoo“!

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After School’s 4th Concept Teaser Released for Comeback.

25 Apr

After School’s 4th Comeback Teaser.

Over the past two days, Pledis Entertainment released three photo teasers featuring After School’s E-Young, Raina, Nana, and Lizzy, followed by UEE earlier today. The agency has now gone ahead with an early release of another photo teaser for today, which spotlights their first generation members, led by leader Kahi and fellow pioneering members like Jungah, Jooyeon, and Bekah.

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Interpark Releases Tracklist for After School’s 1st Full Length Album.

25 Apr

After School’s Tracklist Revealed.

As the members of After School continue to tease about their comeback through a chic photo series, Interpark recently released more information on the album’s tracklist for their first album, “Virgin“. Their title track, “Shampoo“, was co-produced by writer and poet Won Tae Yeon and Japan’s top composer, Daishi Dance

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