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Sunny Hill Releases Comeback EP +MV “Midnight Circus”.

4 Jun

Sunny Hill Returns.

Sunny Hill has made their return to the Korean music landscape with the release of their latest EP, “Midnight Circus.” In addition, their MV for ‘Midnight Circus’ was also released. This co-ed group have always been known for their soft, innocent styles, but they’re determined to let it all go this time around for a 180-degree transformation for their comeback. Originally comprised of three members (Jang Hyun, Seung Ah, and Joobi), the group revealed a fourth member named Kota recently, who was a part of the ‘Narsha Group‘ with Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha for “Mamma Mia“. Shortly thereafter, they added a fifth member namedMisung.’ During their period of hiatus, the members revealed that they studied music to hone their skills as singer-songwriters. With “Midnight Circus,” the group entirely produced, composed, and written all the tracks, showing how much they’ve grown during their hiatus.

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A Pink Releases Debut EP “Seven Springs of APink”.

22 Apr

A Pink Has Finally Arrived.

After teasing us the past two weeks with two different teasers, the girls of ‘A Pink’ have finally made their debut with the release of their EP, “Seven Springs of A Pink”.

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Block B Releases “Freeze” MV +”do u wanna B?” EP.

17 Apr

Block B Releases Debut MV +EP.

Back in February, producer/rapper Cho PD announced that he was going to unleash a new boy band named Block B, whose roots would lie in hip hop. He created a unique training program which sought to cultivate their talents as artists, and not just as performers.

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Big Bang Releases Special Edition Mini-Album EP.

7 Apr

Big Bang Hates This Love Song.

This week has been dominated by the numerous teasers Big Bang rolled out for their special edition mini-album, and it’s only a small tidbit of the success the boys will achieve in the following weeks. Big Bang has just unveiled their full Special Edition mini-album along with the title track, “Love Song“.

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Jang Jaein Releases Single “Early Days”.

2 Apr

 The Early Days.

April 2nd, “Superstar K2” contestant Jang Jae In released her digital single, “Early Days“. The single contains a total of two tracks that the singer-songwriter composed during her high school years.  

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4minute Release the Tracklist for “4MINUTES LEFT” +Album Cover.

1 Apr

4minute’s Album Tracklist Revealed

After girl group 4minute announced their official comeback with Heart to Heart“, which was released earlier this wee.k, fans were stoked to see that the EP wasn’t all the girls had in store for fans. It was also revealed that the girls would release their first official album, “4MINUTES LEFT“.

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Project Group ‘Clover’, Releases their EP.

30 Mar

Clover Releases It All.

Early I reported earlier that Eun Ji Won was coming back with a new collaboration group called ‘Clover‘, which he created with Typhoon and Gilme. Over the past week, the “project group” released a teaser and now their EP, “Classic Over” has been released!

Before the release of the album, Eun Ji Won of Sechs Kies fame explained, “I’ve been working with them for a while, and I often thought that if the three of us came together as a group, we’d be able to pursue the type of music we wanted to. We’re all passionate about the same genre of music, which was the basis for us getting together.”

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4minute Releases “Heart to Heart” EP +Releases MV.

28 Mar

4minute Releases “Heart to Heart”.

The ladies of 4minute have been delivering daily teasers over the past week, with the latest release being a video teaser for their title track, ‘Heart to Heart’. Now, both the Heart to Heart EP and Heart to Heart MV have been released!

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CHI-CHI Releases Debut MV “Don’t Play Around”.

17 Mar

Release Their Debut Song.

Yedang Entertainment has just launched the debut of their new girl group, “CHI-CHI” with the release of their first single EP.

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