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My Mini Black Dress; Movie, Released w/ English Subs.

7 Jun

My Mini Black Dress_

Little Black Dress” depicts the friendships, jealousies, hopes and failures of four 24-year-old girls. The girls first met as first year students in college. They seem to be enjoying their 20’s, but inside they all have worries. It Has Now been released w/ English Subs, Care to Watch?

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X-5’s Haewon Discovered to Have Known 4 Languages.

8 May

More than Just a Pretty Face.

In an interview with Sports Chosun, X-5’s Haewon revealed that he’s fluent in three foreign languages. Born in 1991, he boasts a tall height of 186 cm, and has handsome looks to boot. There’s more behind that pretty face, though, as it was discovered that he’s fluent in Russian, English, Japanese and Ofcourse Korean.

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miss A Releases “Love Alone” for Kim Yuna’s Ice Show.

5 May

I Don’t Wanna Be in Love Alone.

miss A will be performing their new track, “Love Alone“, for the first time at Kim Yuna’s “Ice Show” on May 6th. In preparation for the event, the girls have released the track online on ahead of their full album’s official drop date.

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Rania Releases Debut MV for “Dr. Feel Good”.

5 Apr

Rania FIGHTING, Goodluck.

After generating much buzz through Jay Park’s “Hype Nation” last year, the ladies of Rania have finally revealed themselves through their debut single, “Dr. Feel Good“. The girls were co-produced by Teddy Riley and DR Music, the label behind the hit girl group, Baby V.O.X. The two are reportedly ready to make their mark on the Hallyu wave once more.

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Overseas Fans Begin a Campaign to Help JYJ.

14 Feb

Oversea Fans Help JYJ.

International fans of JYJ have been putting in their efforts to help their idols in their ongoing litigation against SM Entertainment.

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Min Prefers Chansung over Nichkhun because of his “Pretty Butt”.

12 Feb

“He Has a Pretty Butt”.

miss A’s Min recently revealed that she likes rough and tough Chansung more than pretty boy Nichkhun.

On a recent broadcast of 100 points out of 100, Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan asked Min, “Between 2PM members Chansung and Nichkhun, who do you like more?”,

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4minute leads a Possible Advancement into America? +Praise from CNN &US Billboards.

9 Feb

 4minute In America?

Although Cube Entertainment has yet to release any information in regards to 4minute debuting outside Korea and Japan, it seems like there’s already some interest brewing from internationally-based sources.

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BoA Cast for Lead Role in Hollywood Film “COBU 3D”.

27 Jan



BoA Goes Hollywood.

Hallyu queen BoA will be making her Hollywood debut through the film, “COBU 3D“! Aren’t Your Excited? Continue reading

SNSD Releases ‘Hoot’ APP on iTunes.

29 Nov

‘Hoot’ APP Released.

Having released a ‘Run Devil Run‘ application earlier this year, SNSD becomes the first K-pop artist to have their second AppStore application for the iPhone operating system.

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CNN Writes about 2PM Member Nichkhun’s Life Story.

8 Nov

Who is Nichkhun?

When Thai-American youngster Nichkhun was approached by talent scouts asking if he wanted a shot at pop superstardom, he didn’t hesitate for a second. “I was like, no!” he says. “I don’t even know who you guys are, you know? I didn’t know how to sing or dance. I was just like some shy little boy, so I was like, no way I’m doing this!”

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