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BEAST Releases MV for Japanese Ver. of “Bad Girl”.

26 May

Japanese Ver. Revealed

Though the boys are busily promoting their comeback album “Fiction and Fact” in Korea, they’re also making sure to pay attention to their Japanese advancement as well. On May 26th, the boys released the music video for their second Japanese single, “Bad Girl“!  Continue reading


BEAST Releases their Comeback MV for “Fiction”.

16 May

BEAST’s “Fiction” MV.

After dropping their spectacular first full album, ”Fiction and Fact“, the boys of B2ST have now unleashed the MV for their title track, “Fiction“!

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BEAST Release “Fiction and Fact” Comeback Album.

16 May

“Fiction and Fact” Released.

The wait is finally over for B2uties, as B2ST’s comeback album, ”Fiction and Fact“ has finally been released! “Fiction and Fact” contains a total of 10 songs, including their title track, “Fiction“, their ballad track, “Rainy Days”, and Junhyung’s self-composed track, “Freeze“. Their title track in particular features sorrowful lyrics with an addictive piano riff that tells the story of a man who refuses to accept the loss of his love.

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BEAST Reveal their ‘Fiction and Fact’ Album Cover.

16 May

Album Cover Revealed.

Cube Entertainment shared with allkpop the official album cover for B2ST’s comeback album, ”Fiction and Fact“, nine hours before its scheduled release! So Here it is, Straight for my rawr6127 readers.

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BEAST to Release their 2nd Japanese Single “Bad Girl”.

14 May

BEAST’s 2nd Japanese Single.

On May 13th, BEAST / B2ST held a “high five” meeting event in PACIFICO Yokohama. Those who purchased their debut Japanese single, “SHOCK” were able to attend the event. The group also announced the release of their 2nd Japanese single, “BAD GIRL“. The single is set to release on June 15th.

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BEAST Releases “Rainy Days” as a Digital Single.

12 May

“Rainy Days” Released.

B2STs first full-length album, Fiction and Fact is slated to drop on May 17th, but before that happens Cube Entertainment gave a treat to all their fans by releasing one of the tracks, “Rainy Days” as a digital single!

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BEAST’s Comeback Infomation +Tracklist Revealed.

11 May

BEAST’s Tracklist +Comeback Info.

Cube Entertainment shared some exclusive info with allkpop about idol group B2ST’s first full-length album, “Fiction and Fact“! It’s an album that fans have long been waiting for, and judging by the track list descriptions, it’s shaping up to be a formidable piece of work. The album’s intro track, “The Fact“, is meant to fit in with their title track, “Fiction“. The intro song alone is meant to give fans a taste of B2ST’s deep sensitivity…

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Cube Entertainment Releases News about BEAST’s 1st Album.

8 May


BEAST’s First Album.

Exciting news, B2ST fans! Cube Entertainment updated their official website today with a post about B2ST’s first official album! The entry reads:

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BEAST’s Junhyung &Dongwoon to MC on ‘A Pink News’.

6 Apr

BEAST on A Pink News.

B2ST’s Junhyung and Dongwoon will be appearing as special anchors for the April 8th episode of “A Pink News“, a reality show from TrendE that focuses exclusively on A Pink. The show captures A Pink’s daily life as they prepare to make their debut. It was revealed that the B2ST members wrapped up filming very quickly with their remarkable ad-libs and MCing skills.

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BEAST Will be Following Debut Plans in Japan as Planned but No Performances.

15 Mar

BEAST Still Set to Debut in Japan..?

After holding an emergency meeting with Cube Entertainment on March 14th, Universal Japan has announced through their official homepage that B2ST will be debuting in Japan as scheduled, but all performances will be canceled for the time being.

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