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SNSD Releases their 1st Japanese Full Length Album.

1 Jun

SNSD’s Full Length Japanese Album.

Fans have been waiting eagerly for June 1st in anticipation of Shoujo Jidai’s first full-length album! Well it’s June 1st in Japan, and as scheduled, the girls have finally unleashed all twelve tracks from their self-titled album! Comprised of four remade tracks and eight original ones, Shoujo Jidai has prepared an audio treat for both old fans and new. We’ve got the album below, so take a listen and toss us your thoughts on their new work!

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BEAST Releases MV for Japanese Ver. of “Bad Girl”.

26 May

Japanese Ver. Revealed

Though the boys are busily promoting their comeback album “Fiction and Fact” in Korea, they’re also making sure to pay attention to their Japanese advancement as well. On May 26th, the boys released the music video for their second Japanese single, “Bad Girl“!  Continue reading

A Preview of SNSD’s 1st Japanese Album Released.

21 May

Preview of SNSD’s 1st Japanese Album.

On June 1st, SNSD will be releasing their first Japanese original album “GIRLS’ GENERATION”. That’s still a few weeks away so to keep fans happy, they’ve released a special teaser for their upcoming album!

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SNSD To Release their 1st Full Japanese Album in June.

15 May

SNSD’s 1st Japanese Album.

On June 1st, SNSD will be releasing their first Japanese original album “GIRLS’ GENERATION”. This album will have 12 songs including their hit singles “GENIE”, “Gee”, “Run Devil Run” and “MR. TAXI”.

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BEAST to Release their 2nd Japanese Single “Bad Girl”.

14 May

BEAST’s 2nd Japanese Single.

On May 13th, BEAST / B2ST held a “high five” meeting event in PACIFICO Yokohama. Those who purchased their debut Japanese single, “SHOCK” were able to attend the event. The group also announced the release of their 2nd Japanese single, “BAD GIRL“. The single is set to release on June 15th.

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Weekly K-POP Music Chart; [18,08,10]

18 Aug


The latest K-POP chart is here at your feet. Featuring many artists such as ‘SE7EN’ and the beloved young ‘SHINee’. It also includes a track by Narsha from ‘Brown Eyed Girls’ making her offical debut and returning to us as a Solo Artist. So for the week of August 16 – 22nd, here are your top songs.


1.” Good Girl, Bad Girl” – MISS A.

MISS A’s debut track has been on the charts ever since it’s release on their debut in early July 2010 , Everyone seems to be just loving it. JYP’s newest girl group ‘MISS A’ consists of 4 members; Wang Fei Fei (Known as ‘Fei’) the Main Vocalist and Main Dancer;  Meng Jia (Known as ‘Jia’) a Vocalist, Lead Dancer and Rapper; Lee MinYoung  ( Known as ‘Min’) the Lead Vocalist Dancer and the Main Rapper; Suzy Bae (Known as ‘Suzy’) just a Main Vocalist. The song is considered “Pop, dance-pop or Electo-Pop”

2.  “Better Together” – SE7EN.

Genre: Pop / Dance.

3. “I’m this kind of Person” – DJ DOC.

Genre: Pop, Hip-Hop.

4. “Lucifer” – SHINee.

Genre: Pop / Dance.

5. “I need a Girl” – Taeyang ft; G-DRAGON.

Genre: Hop-Hop, R&B, Dance.

6. “I’ll back off, So you live well” – G.NA

Genre: Pop.

7. “Hurt to the extent of Death” – M.C MONG.

Genre: Hip-Hop.

8. “Bbi Ri Bba Bba” – Narsha.

Genre: Pop / Dance.

9. “Eat well” – Homme (Lee Hyun of 8eight and Chang Min of 2am)

Genre: Ballad, Pop.

10. “Look Look Look” – Chae Yeon.

Genre: Pop / Dance.