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BEAST Releases MV for Japanese Ver. of “Bad Girl”.

26 May

Japanese Ver. Revealed

Though the boys are busily promoting their comeback album “Fiction and Fact” in Korea, they’re also making sure to pay attention to their Japanese advancement as well. On May 26th, the boys released the music video for their second Japanese single, “Bad Girl“!  Continue reading


Various Idols Cast for Upcoming Movie “Mister Kids”.

10 Apr

Casted for Mister Kids.

The members of U-KISS, Jay Park and other Idols have been cast for an upcoming idol-themed movie, “Mister Kids“!

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‘Drama’ Ver. of U-KISS’s “0330” MV Revealed.

1 Apr

Drama MV for “0330”.

A few days ago, U-KISS delivered a lovely transformation for their latest single, “0330“. Moving from being aggressive and ultra-masculine to something softer and more relatable, the boys experienced an enthusiastic response to their new image. This romantic look was emphasized through their music video.

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U-KISS Releases “0330” MV.

30 Mar

U-KISS “0330” MV.

The Full Music Video for the U-KISS Comeback is Now Here, It’s the New Era of U-KISS, Kiss Mes are you Ready?

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U-KISS Releases 5th Mini-Album, “Bran New KISS”.

29 Mar

U-KISS Release Comeback Album.

Back on March 22nd, U-KISS announced their official comeback through their fancafe, and now their fifth mini-album, “Bran New KISS“, and been unveiled! Just like how the title indicates, the album aims to mark a new start for the group as they take their first steps with their two new members.

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U-KISS Release Comeback MV Teaser for “0330”.

29 Mar

MV Teaser for U-KISS.

The boys of U-KISS are inching ever closer towards their comeback! They just released a beautiful music video teaser for their title track, “0330“.

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U-KISS Release 2nd Teaser for Comeback, “Bran New KISS”.

26 Mar

2nd U-KISS Teaser Revealed.

Just a few days after releasing their first teaser, U-KISS has dropped a colorful second teaser for their upcoming fifth mini-album, “Bran New KISS“!

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Teaser for “0330” by U-KISS, Revealed.

24 Mar

Teaser for U-KISS’s Comeback.

With their comeback only a few days away, U-KISS has dropped a colorful teaser for their fifth mini-album, “Bran New KISS“!

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U-KISS’s Hoon & AJ Confide about the Pressures of Being New Members.

24 Mar

Star News Dishes on AJ &Hoon.

The two newest additions to U-KISS, Hoon and AJ, recently sat down for an interview with Star News and talked about the pressures they felt in joining an already-established group.

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U-KISS On; Their Member Switch, New Leader +”0330″ Comeback.

24 Mar

An Indepth Interview with U-KISS.

In preparation for their upcoming fifth mini-album, U-KISS underwent some drastic changes to bring about some growth and maturity into their group. The most obvious of changes were seen through the departures of members Kibum and Alexander, who were replaced by Paran’s AJ and Hoon. Admittedly, the original members did confess that they were upset by the switch-ups at first.

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