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My Mini Black Dress; Movie, Released w/ English Subs.

7 Jun

My Mini Black Dress_

Little Black Dress” depicts the friendships, jealousies, hopes and failures of four 24-year-old girls. The girls first met as first year students in college. They seem to be enjoying their 20’s, but inside they all have worries. It Has Now been released w/ English Subs, Care to Watch?

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Lee Sangyoon Admits to Dating ‘Life is Beautiful’ Co-Star, Nam Sangmi.

1 Jun


Admits to Dating Co-Star.

On May 31st, actor Lee Sang Yoon admitted to being in a relationship with actress Nam Sang Mi while guesting on tvN’s “Taxi“. Sports Chosun followed up with the actor on June 1st for a more detailed interview.

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BEAST Releases their Comeback MV for “Fiction”.

16 May

BEAST’s “Fiction” MV.

After dropping their spectacular first full album, ”Fiction and Fact“, the boys of B2ST have now unleashed the MV for their title track, “Fiction“!

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Teaser Photos of B2ST’s Junhyung &Park Boyoung from “Fiction” Revealed.

14 May

Junhyung &Park Byoung as Lovers.

Yesterday, B2ST released their first teaser for their upcoming full-length album, “Fiction and Fact“. The teaser was created under the concept of a dramatic ‘intro movie’, and it proved to be a highly popular manoeuvre as the video instantly gained an explosive spike in hits.

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S.E.S’s Eugene to Marry Fellow Actor, Ki Taeyoung, in June.

11 May

It Isn’t Acting Anymore.

Former idol-turned-actress Eugene is tying the knot with fellow actor Ki Tae Young! The couple announced that they’ll be getting married on July 23rd after dating for 1 and a half year.

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Actress Han Yeseul Involved in a ‘Hit and Run’ Case.

8 May

 Involved in Hit and Run Accident.

Han Ye Seul was recently involved in a hit and run accident. A representative for the actress cleared up any rumors of wrongdoing, saying “The other driver filed a one-sided report.” On May 2nd, the actress was called to the police station for hitting the car of Mr. Do in her apartment parking lot without filing an accident report.

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Rainbow’s Woori Cast in Upcoming Drama, “You’re Into Me”.

5 May

Woori Cast in Upcoming Drama.

It was recently announced that actress Woori has been cast for the new upcoming MBC drama, “You’re Into Me.Based around a fine arts college, “You Fall For Me” is a melodrama that will illustrate a story about the main characters chasing for their dreams as they face problems with love, friendship, and young adulthood.

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Actress Lee Jinah Withdraws from Lawsuit w/ Ex-Husband, Seo Taiji.

5 May

 Withdraws from Lawsuit.

A rapid fire on the Seo Taiji situation. We just reported Seo Taiji’s official and personal statement regarding his marriage and divorce with actress Lee Ji Ah, and now it appears that Lee Ji Ah has decided to withdraw her lawsuit against her ex-husband!

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Seo Taiji Apologizes to Fanbase for Keeping Quiet About His Marriage.

5 May

A Message to His Fanbase.

Seo Taiji’s management company released an official statement regarding his marriage and divorce with actress Lee Ji Ah today. Seo Taiji himself posted a message on his fan website, http://www.seotaiji.com, speaking personally to his famously loyal fan base. The following is Seo Taiji’s personal statement. Note that Seo Taiji is his stage name and his real name is Jung Hyun Chul:

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Seo Taiji Company Releases Official Statement Regarding Marriage&Divorce w/ Lee Jiah.

5 May

A Statement Regarding Seo Taiji.

Korean music legend Seo Taiji has been in a hot seat lately, thanks to the story of his marriage and divorce with actress Lee Ji Ah getting leaked to the public. He is a very secretive person and the media couldn’t reach him and get his side of the story – until now. Seo Taiji Company, his management company, released an official statement today. For his personal statement, you can read that here.  Now the Following is the official company statement:

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