; Sungmin



◦Name: Lee Sungmin (이성민).
◦Position: Mid 7th in Age.
◦Stage Name: Sungmin.
◦Chinese Name: Cheng min.
◦Birth: January 1st, 1986.
◦Hometown: IIsan, South Korea.
◦Height: 175 cm.
◦Bloodtype: Type ‘A’.
◦Interests: Chinese Martial Arts.
◦Orignal Language: Korean.



Sungmin was born in the Ilsan district of Goyang, Gyeonggi – South Korea. In 2001 he entered a contest called; “SM Youth Best Contest” and he jointly won first place with future group and band mate Lee Donghae. He then signed a contract with SM Entertainment and began to recieve training in Singing, Dancing as well as Acting. In 2002, Sungmin was briefly placed in a project R&B group with Xiah (DBSK), future band mate Eunhyuk and Typhoon, Rose, and Attack (TRAX) the six then made their first television appearance in a show called: “Heejun vs. Kangta, Battle of the Century: Pop vs. Rock”.  Although the six were together for the year of 2002 all of the members were then decided to separate and debute in other groups, so the group quickly disbanded. Later on Sungmin joined 11 other trainees as well as Eunhyuk and together they debuted as a group called “Super Junior 05” on November 6th, 2005. Right before Super Junior debuted, Sungmin made a brief appearance on the MBC drama Sisters of the Sea, playing young Kang Dong-shin. The next year, Sungmin guest starred in SBS’s Banjun Theatre drama “Finding Lost Time” and played as Micky’s (DBSK) high school friend. Sungmin’s first big-scale film was the Super Junior film “Attack on the Pin-Up Boys”, He played the role of a pretty school boy who later gets attacked by an unknown criminal. Sungmin replaced band mate Kangin as one of the key DJs of “Reckless Radio” and was hosting it with Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation in the later half of 2007. But then on February 3rd of 2008, Sooyoung’s band mate Sunny replaced her position, and soon after that the show ended. On November 25th, 2007 Sungmin debuted again in Super Junior’s second sub-group “Super Junior-T”, standing for ‘Trot’ which is the oldest form of Korean pop music. In early 2008, Sungmin participated in a short half-hour drama “Super Junior Unbelievable Story” with Leeteuk (SUJU’s Leader). Sungmin starred as himself, a member of the popular group Super Junior-T who is constantly overshadowed by his members. Later in 2008, Sungmin was again placed in another one of Super Junior sub-groups called: “Super Junior-Happy, refered to as Super Junior’s fourth offical sub-group to debut. Super Junior-Happy debuted on June 7, 2008, performing their first single, “Cooking? Cooking!” at the 2008 Dream Concert. In 2009, he was cast in the musical “Akilla” starring as the main lead, ‘Ro ‘and in 2010, he was cast in the musical “Hongildong” starring as the main lead, ‘Hongildong’ along side current groupmate Yesung.




Year Title Role Other notes
2007 Attack on the Pin-Up Boys
꽃미남 연쇄 테러 사건
himself limited release in South Korea


Year Title Role Network Other notes
2005 Sisters of the Sea
young Kang Dong-shin MBC (Ep 1. – Ep 60)
2005 Charnel House Boy
young baseball player boy KBS One-episode drama
2006 Finding Lost Time himself SBS  
2008 Super Junior Unbelievable Story
슈퍼주니어의 기막힌 이야기
himself MBC One-episode drama
2009 Sunday Sunday Night ‘Oppa Band’
일밤 오빠밴드
himself MBC  


Radio shows;

Date Name Note
June 4, 2007–February 3, 2008
February 3, 2008–July 30, 2008
Reckless Radio (천방지축 라디오) with Sooyoungwith Sunny



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References / Resources:

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