; Siwon


 Choi Siwon;

◦Name: Choi Siwon (최시원).
◦Position: 4th Youngest.
◦Stage Name: Siwon.
◦Chinese Name: Shi Yuan.
◦Birth: February 10, 1987.
◦Hometown: Seoul, South Korea.
◦Height: 183 cm | Bloodtype: Type ‘B’.
◦Interests: Taekwondo, Playing the Drums.
◦Orignal Language: Korean.



When Siwon was 16 he was scouted by a talent agent, he was then asked to and recommend to audition for the Starlight Casting System to become an entertainer. But being raised in a strict Protestant family his parents disapproved of him pursuing a career in the entertainment buisness, therefore he had to secretly audition. After successfully passing auditions, and after much consideration, his parents allowed him to sign under the talent agency called: SM Entertainment. It was said by Siwon himself that although his father allowed him to sign the contract, he would not give help to his son in any way. Later  on he moved into dormitories with fellow trainees and began starting training in areas such as singing, acting, and dancing. He then made his first appearance in a music video in the year of 2003. A year after, he made a brief appearance in the short drama, “Precious Family” and in 2005 Siwon made a slight appearance in KBS’s Drama “Eighteen, Twenty-Nine” as a character named ‘Kang Bong-man’. But not long after Siwon’s first television appearance, SM Entertainment released an announcement that he would officially debut as one of the twelve members in a boy band. This band later became officially known as “Super Junior 05”, the first generation of the rotational music group Super Junior. A few months before the debut of Super Junior 05, Siwon made his first official media appearance as a runway model in a fashion show by Bum Suk. Siwon continued his education after his debut with Super Junior in 2005, he then graduated from Gu Jeong High School in February 2006 and later went on to attend Inha University. In late 2007, Siwon was then put into “Super Junior-M” the Chinese subgroup version of Super Junior which debuted on April 8th of 2008. Recently on 18th May 2010, Siwon underwent a surgery to remove his inflamed salivary gland, he had previously had a problem with it and had been taking anti-inflammatory medicine to try to heal it but however the inflammation worsen.





Year Title Role Other notes
2006 A Battle of Wits Liang Shi  
2007 Attack on the Pin-Up Boys Himself Limited release in South Korea


Television Series:

Year Title Role Network Other notes
2005 Eighteen, Twenty-Nine young Kang Bong Man KBS  
Precious Family   KBS Cameo Role
2006 Spring Waltz Park Sang Woo KBS  
2007 Legend of Hyang Dan Lee Mong Ryong MBC  
2009 Stage of Youth himself CCTV2 Guest star (Ep. 12)
2010 Oh My Lady Sung Min Woo SBS  
Athena Kim Joon Ho SBS  


Music video appearances:

  • 2003: “What is Love” – DANA
  • 2006: “Timeless” – Zhang Liyin (Feat. Xiah of TVXQ
  • 2008: “I WILL” – Zhang Liyin
  • 2008: “The Left Shore of Happiness” – Zhang Liyin
  • 2009: “Fireflies” – Ariel Lin
  • 2009: “S.E.O.U.L.” – Super Junior with Girls’ Generation


Official Siwon Links;

  1. Official Twitter: Click Here.
  2. Official [K] Fancafe: Click Here.
  3. Official Baidu Bar: Click Here.




References / Resources:

  1. Google.com – Images: [Search: “Choi Siwon”]




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