; Donghae



◦Name: Lee Donghae (이동해).
◦Position: 5th Youngest.
◦Stage Name: Donghae.
◦Nickname: Fishy.
◦Chinese Name: Li Donghai ( 李东海).
◦Birth: October 15, 1986.
◦Hometown: Mokpo, South Korea.
◦Height: 175 cm.
◦Bloodtype: Type ‘A’.
◦Interests: Piano, Sports, Gutiar.
◦Astrological Sign: Libra.
◦Orignal Language: Korean.



Donghae initially wanted to become an athlete, but under the influence of his father, who had a wish to become a singer, Donghae decided to train himself to become a singer. Then in 2001, Donghae successfully signed a contract with SM Entertainment and soon after he jointly won the “Best Outward Appearance award with future band mate Sungmin in the company’s third annual “SM Youth Best Contest”. Later on, Donghae was put in Singing, Dancing, and Acting lessons to further his ability as a future Idol. He was then recruited into a five-member boy band called “Smile”, but the idea was soon dropped. In 2004, Donghae was put into another boy band and formed “Super Junior 05” with 11 other trainees., the group later became known just as “Super Junior”. Several days before the group debuted, Donghae made a brief appearance at SBS’s “Shin Dong-yup’s There Is There Isn’t” panel. Then on November 6th of 2005 Donghae debuted as one of the 12 members in SM Entertainments biggest boy group “Super junior 05”. Donghae made his acting debut in Super Junior’s horror documentary “Mystery 6″ broadcasted in early 2006, the documentary surrounds Donghae and his peculiar ability to see and feel ghosts. In August 2006, Donghae played the role of a human turned cyborg in the Korean version of BoA’s music video drama, “Key of Heart,” his first lead appearance in a music video since his debut. Though Donghae’s offical acting debut took place in July 2007, with the release of Super Junior’s debut film, “Attack on the Pin-Up Boys”,  where Donghae stars as a class mate and close friend of Kim Kibum. In late 2007, Donghae was put into Super Junior-M the Chinese subgroup version of Super Junior which debuted on April 8th of 2008 at the 8th Annual Music Chart Awards. Donghae composed the song “A Short Journey” which appears on Super Junior’s newest repackaged album.



Currently Donghae is the brand ambassador for Maxim Colours Contact lens worldwide. A press conference appointing him the brand ambassador was held in Thailand, June 21st 2010. To learn more about Maxim Colours Contact lens and where to buy them visit their website @ [http://www.maximcolors.com/]



Year Title Role Other notes
2007 Attack on the Pin-Up Boys 꽃미남 연쇄 테러 사건 himself limited release in South Korea



Year Title Role Network Other notes
2009 Stage of Youth
himself CCTV2 Guest star (Ep. 12)
2007-08 Explorers of the Human Body 인체탐험대 himself SBS Regular (All episodes)


Music video:

  • 2006: “Key of Heart” (Korean Version) – BoA
  • 2008: “Kissing You” – Girls’ Generation
  • 2009: “Fireflies” – Ariel Lin
  • 2009:Happy Bubble” – Donghae, Kyuhyun and Han Ji-min
  • 2009: “Moving On” – Zhang Liyin
  • 2009: “SEOUL Song” – Members from Super Junior & Girls’ Generation.
  • 2010: “SBS Strong Heart Logo Song” with Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Shindong and Eunhyuk.


Official Donghae Links;

  1. Official Cyworld: Click Here & Here.
  2. Official Twitter: Click Here.
  3. Official [K] Fancafe: Click Here.
  4. Official Baidu Bar: Click Here.


 References / Resources:

  1. Google.com – Images; [Search: “Lee Donghae“]
  2. Sup3rjunior; [www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com]

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