; Seo Eunkyo

Seo Eunkyo.

Mixed group Co-Ed School have announced the addition of an eleventh member, Seo Eunkyo. Core Contents Media has stated that Eunkyo, “is currently in her 3rd year of middle school, is a rising star as she learned dance starting from 6 years old since her mother owns a dance school.” The new member has apparently been singing for 10 years now and has been taking dance classes as a child – Eunkyo was apparently also a former JYP Entertainment trainee. Following, “I’ve been dancing for 11 years, and I’m ready to work hard,” she said, “Dancing, singing, on stage, showing charisma like my role model. I’m ready to work hard. Watch with interest.”

Seo Eunkyo will make her debut in the music industry with 5dolls, she said, “I woke up in the morning and my name was the No.1 search term on various portals, and I was embarrassed. I have not even debuted yet, but I’m so thankful for the interest I’m receiving,” she said.5dolls, made up of Co-Ed’s female members Soomi, Hyoyoung, Hweyon, Chanmi and new member Eunkyo, debuted in late January with a Brave Brothers-produced single called “Lip Stain”.






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