[Orange Caramel]


 Orange Caramel.

The first sub-unit group of After School is named Orange Caramel which debuted on 16 June 2010 with their title track, “Magic Girl”. On June 6, 2010, Pledis Entertainment announced Nana as the first member of one of the 2 sub-units. On June 7, 2010, Pledis Entertainment announced Raina as the second member of the same sub-unit. On June 8, 2010, Pledis Entertainment announced Lizzy as the final member of this sub-unit. Orange Caramel’s concept is cheery and retro, or candy culture (cute and bright, while lovely and innocent at the same time). The trio released a mini album entitled “Orange Caramel – The First Mini Album”. “Orange Caramel – The First Mini Album” consists of 4 tracks, which are 2 songs and instrumentals of those tracks. The first song is “Magic Girl” and the second song is “Love Does Not Wait”, which is Raina’s solo song. The version released in Taiwan recorded a special song, “The Day You Went Away“. The song is released as Special for Taiwan; it is the Mandarin version and it is a cover from Cyndi Wang. Their music video was released on June 16, 2010. On November 18, Orange Caramel released “Orange Caramel – The Second Mini Album” with their title track “A~ing♡”. The music video was released on November 17 and had their first comeback stage on KBS Music Bank on the 19th.



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