8eight (에이트) is a three member group consisting of two males and one female. 8eight were the winners of MBC’s Show Survival (쇼바이벌), kind of like the show American Idol, making their debut on August 25, 2007 on MBC’s Show! Music Core. With their strong vocal talents and R&B/soul music style, 8eight has been compared to the Black Eyed Peas.

Their first album released on August 27, 2007 includes their first hit song “Forget About Love and Sing” which is track 1 and their other song which they have sung on a couple of music shows “Can We Love?” which is track 2. The album also features SunYeh and YeEun of Wonder Girls (Between – track 9), Pdogg (Between – track 9), Lim Jeong Hee (Listen To Me – track 8), K.Will (Listen To Me – track 8), and V.O.S (If I Only Had One Day – track 5). For those who are curious, 8eight means infinity if turned to the side > “∞”.

Members; 3, mixed group
Name in Hangul; (에이트)
Name in Japanese; (エイト)
Behind the name; Eight (8) means “infinity” if you turn it sideways > “∞”
Debut; August 25, 2007 on MBC’s Show! Music Core
Genre; Pop / R&B.
Official blog; 8eight Daum Blog
Official site; Big Hit Entertainment
Company; Big Hit Entertainment


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