KARA Releases Album Jacket Covers +Tracklist for “Go Go Summer!”

2 Jun

  Forth Japanese Single.

After putting their differences behind them, KARA is preparing to release their fourth Japanese single, “Go Go Summer!“. There’ll be four versions available – three limited editions and of course, a regular edition. ‘Limited Edition A’ is a CD+DVD, ‘Limited Edition B’ comes with a photobook, and ‘Limited Edition C’ will have an bonus track enclosed. “Go Go Summer!” will be released on June 29th, but it’s likely that we’ll be able to hear a radio rip fairly soon. In the meantime, check out the full track lists and covers below!


< Regular Edition >

< Limited Edition A >

< Limited Edition B >

< Limited Edition C >


CD Track List >

1. GO GO Summer!(「LG Electronics Optimus Bright」CM Theme Song)

2. Girls Be Ambitious! ( Dariya「Palty」 CM Tie-Up Song)

3. GO GO Summer!(Instrumental)

4. Girls Be Ambitious! (Instrumental)

5. To Me (Bonus track for Limited Edition Track C only!)


< DVD Track List >

01.「GO GO Summer! 」Music Clip

02.「GO GO Summer! (Dance Shot Ver.)」Music Clip

03.「GO GO サマー!」Music Clip (Behind-the-scenes)

Source: Official Japanese KARA fanclub site, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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