Victim Hyun’s Family Speaks Out About Daesung’s Car Accident.

1 Jun

An Interview from Hyun’s Family.

Following the unfortunate news of Big Bang Daesung’s accident and motorcyclist Hyun’s (30) death, family members of Hyun gathered today for his funeral. On the afternoon of June 1st, Hyun’s family gathered at a funeral home in Seoul in remembrance of their beloved family member. The scene was reported to have been sorrowful as siblings, friends and relatives mourned over their loss.

Meanwhile, Hyun’s accident was first revealed through a relative of his, who will be referenced throughout the rest of this article as Person A. Person A agreed to an interview with ‘Dispatch‘ in which he stated, “After I initially got word of the accident, I was extremely shocked… Ever since he [Hyun] was little, I regarded him as my own child. To hear that he left this world at such a young age… my heart broke.”

Hyun’s older brother was also seen at the funeral. He was described as being speechless. His family stated, “He grew up with his younger brother. We brought him here to the funeral home this morning. Hyun was his only sibling so this is a major loss for him.”

It has also been revealed that Hyun’s parents have yet to be informed of their son’s death. The family stated, “His parents’ health is not stable right now. Their health is unstable to the point that everyday tasks are difficult… We think that they will go into shock if they hear about their son’s death, so we have not informed them yet.”

In regards to Daesung’s involvement in the accident, the family stated, “We have seen Daesung on TV a lot and are big fans… While the loss of a family member is hard on us, it breaks our heart to know that a young friend [Daesung] is going through such a hardship right now. We’re not sure what kind of destiny this is.” And while Hyun’s family have not come in contact with Daesung’s side, they added, “We have not come in contact with his people. Neither have they come in contact with us… We have only heard stories from police investigations and insurance companies. Because it is a hard situation for both of us, there has been no business sentiment.”

Hyun’s family also spoke out against current speculations and rumors pertaining to the accident. They said, “The autopsy results have not accurately come out yet. Also, because the CCTV has not been thoroughly evaluated yet, speculations and rumors make the situation harder… We understand that there are various stories being spread regarding the accident; however, we wish that until the results are accurately posted, that everyone will watch the situation quietly.”

As a final response, the family stated, “This whole situation is the only thing on our minds right now. We hope that when the results of the investigation are released, no one becomes victimized, including Daesung. We hope to wrap up this incident with no chagrin; that is our family’s last thoughts.”

Source: Allkpop, Dispatch | Shared by: rawr6127

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