SNSD Releases their 1st Japanese Full Length Album.

1 Jun

SNSD’s Full Length Japanese Album.

Fans have been waiting eagerly for June 1st in anticipation of Shoujo Jidai’s first full-length album! Well it’s June 1st in Japan, and as scheduled, the girls have finally unleashed all twelve tracks from their self-titled album! Comprised of four remade tracks and eight original ones, Shoujo Jidai has prepared an audio treat for both old fans and new. We’ve got the album below, so take a listen and toss us your thoughts on their new work!

(**And don’t forget to support the artists by purchasing their album here!)

; Mr.Taxi – SNSD

; Genie – SNSD

; Run Devil Run – SNSD

; Gee – SNSD

; You-aholic – SNSD

; Bad Girl – SNSD

; Let it Rain – SNSD

; Born to be a Lady – SNSD

; In Love with the HERO – SNSD

; Beautiful Stranger – SNSD

; The Great Escape – SNSD

; Hoot – SNSD

Source: Toykohive,Youtube | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


One Response to “SNSD Releases their 1st Japanese Full Length Album.”

  1. littlemonster101 June 10, 2011 at 2:58 am #

    oh i lov ethem. they are so cute. pls check my blgo too.

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