4MEN Release Comeback Teaser ft; Pianist Jin Bora.

30 May

4MEN’s Comeback Teaser.

4MEN has just released their comeback teaser. Happyface Entertainment has revealed the video teaser for 4MEN’s first title song of their 4th full-length album, ‘The Artist‘ on their YouTube channel. 4MEN will carry out promotions for a total of 4 title songs in their new album.

‘Unrequited love’, featuring , is about a man singing about his crush who misses her ex-boyfriend. Pianist Jin Bora acted as the female character, even tearing up for a sad scene.

A special filming technique was even used to capture the man and woman in the same space, increasing the anticipation for the release of the music video.

After wrapping up filming, Jin Bora stated, “I was very happy that I got to work with people who sing sincerely and enjoy music. Personally, I was thankful that I got the opportunity to help out in another area other than music. I listened to every 4MEN song in the album before filming, and they were all good. I’ll do my best to cheer on 4MEN so that their album becomes a huge success.

4MEN will release teasers for their 4 title songs in order, starting today to June 3rd.

Their album will be out on June 7th.

Source: Allkpop, Youtube | Shared by; rawr6127

– M


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