Nega Network Proclaims the Delay of Brown Eyed Girls Comeback, Again.

26 May


Delayed Comeback, AGAIN?

The Brown Eyed Girls are definitely perfectionists, and no costs are being spared for their highly-anticipated comeback this summer. Earlier, we reported that they trashed an entire 15-track album because it didn’t live up to their expectations. Well, to this date, the girls have revealed that they’ve trashed three albums’ worth of recordings now.

On May 26th, Nega Network revealed, “The girls have been working on their album amidst their busy schedules with sitcoms and radio DJing. After 2009’s ‘Abracadabra‘ became a hit, the industry adopted an electronic trend so we can no longer identify it with the Brown Eyed Girls’ musical color.”

They continued, “We trashed songs that they recorded three times already, and the girls are adamant about filling the album with fresh new sounds, nothing like the repetitive beats that we are used to hearing lately. We’ve received over 700 demos, which takes a long time to screen. A lot of time is invested in trying to find high quality songs.”

The popularity of “I Am a Singer” proves that the public is definitely tired of auto-tuned vocals and are leaning towards true talent. While fans enjoyed the success of “Abracadabra”, many are hoping for a return to the beautiful ballads the girls showcased in their first and second albums.

Nega Network added, “We’ve finalized about half of the album’s overall production. We’re preparing a style that exceeds anything anticipated by their fans, so please look forward to it.”


Source: Newsen via Nate, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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