N-Train will Try to Break the Streotype of ‘Only Dancing’ Idols.

26 May

 N-Train to Break the Mold. 

Famous producer Kim Chang Wan, who’s known for discovering the likes of Kim Gun Mo, Clon, and Chae Yeon, recently came forth with his very own idol group named N-Train. The boys recently released their debut MV, and have now followed up today with the release of their first single, “One Last Cry.”

Under MediaLine Entertainment, N-Train is the label’s ambitious project in breaking the stereotype of idols pursuing only dance music by having the group focus on R&B. Their title track, “One Last Cry”, features the vocal harmony of all five members as they express the sorrow of a break-up.

Representatives revealed, “Kim Chang Hwan is known for his distinctive house, reggae, and dance genres, but for N-Train, he has completed a R&B and soul track that will surely break the stereotypes idols are met with in their music.”

The members all trained for three years, and just their album production alone took two years. MediaLine continued, “Kim Gun Mo and Lee Jung fell in love with Sang Woo and Soul-J’s vocal talent. The two seniors not only trained them, but participated in the album’s overall production.”

In case you missed it, you can check out their MV here.


Source: Union News, Naver, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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