Dal Shabet’s Serri & BeBe Mignon’s Haegeum to co-MC “Gossip House”.

26 May


To co-MC ‘Gossip House’.

Dal Shabet’s Serri and BeBe Mignon’s Hae Geum will team up to be co-MCs for the new variety program, “Gossip House.

On May 25th, CJ Media announced, “The show will be like a TV version of tabloid magazines in that it will cover fashion, beauty, Hollywood, and gossip surrounding Korean celebrities. Our target viewers are women in their 20s and 30s, and our co-MCs Serri and Hae Geum will be leading the program.”

Like any girls their age, the girls promised to provide the latest gossip through in-depth research on the internet and social networking services. Since they’re already loved for their bubbly personalities, viewers are looking forward to seeing their other charms, especially since there’s no script for the program.

After completing their first recording, the two commented, “We were so nervous before the recording began, but our nerves eased once we began talking and regarding each other as friends. We hope to converse as comfortably as possible with the viewers, so please watch over us.”


Source: Allkpop, Mydaily | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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