2PM Will Make their Japanese Drama Debut in the ‘BOSS 2’.

21 May


Earlier this week it was revealed that boyband 2PM will make an appearance in the currently running “BOSS 2” drama airing on Fuji TV. The six boys recently recorded their part and played themselves for their role while performing in a club.

Osawa Eriko (Amami Yuki), the boss of a unique group of detectives, and one of her subordinates, the gay Iwai Zenji (Kendo Kobayashi) dropped by the club while the group performed their popular song “Heartbeat“.

The producer of the drama explained that, since both Osawa and Iwai are interested in men such as George Clooney, the “Beasts” of 2PM would definitely fit into the category of their ideal types as well. When they were given the opportunity to appear in the drama the group immediately accepted the offer and while some of the members already appeared in Korean dramas, this marks the first time where they all appear in a drama together.

They filmed the scenes in the club earlier this month where 70 lucky fans of 2PM were invited as extras and encouraged to cheer for their idols in order to make it look like a genuine performance. Of course the ending of the “Heartbeat” didn’t miss the obligatory shirt-ripping that increased the excitement of the fans and cast even further.

Amami commented, “They really grabbed my heart, while filming I totally forgot about the drama and just screamed (with the fans). They’re beautiful beasts that sing and dance vibrantly.”

2PM member Junsu stated, “It is an honor for 2PM to appear in this drama.” Furthermore all the members agreed on the incredible charisma of Amami stating, “She is a fascinating female boss.”

The mentioned scene will be part of the sixth episode of “BOSS 2″ that will air on May 26th.


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