Shin Junghwan Sentenced to 1 Yr Imprisonment f/ Gambling Charges.

20 May


Prosecuton for Gambling.

The prosecuton has demanded one-year imprisonment for Shin Jung Hwan’s gambling charges. On May 18th, Shin Jung Hwan attended his first trial at the Seoul District Court, where he was demanded to serve one-year imprisonment.

Shin Jung Hwan is being investigated for gambling away approximately 210 million won (~193,000 USD) in the Philippines from the end of August 2010 to the beginning of the following month. He responded to the gambling charges by saying, “I admit to all of the charges“.

Shin Jung Hwan’s lawyer, Kim Young Chun, revealed, ”Shin Jung Hwan when to the Philippines with business acquantainces in August 2010 for a vacation. He did not go in order to gamble.

The judge in charge of this trial, judge Lee Jong Un, questioned Shin Jung Hwan over his gambling charges. He asked, “You were charged for gambling in 2003 as well and had to pay a 5 million won (~4,600 USD) fine. What happened?

Shin Jung Hwan responded, “I went on vacation following a senior I knew. There, I was introduced to baccarat. That was the first time I gambled. I held 10 million won (~9,000 USD) in gambling funds.

Shin Jung Hwan also revealed that he had been fined 10 million won for using 5 million won (~4,600 USD) in gambling funds at a casino in Kangnam, Korea in 2005.

His legal representative stated, “Currently, Shin Jung Hwan is reflecting deeply [on his actions]. The two people he went to the Philippines with were business people not associated with gambling. If Shin Jung Hwan had gone to the Philippines to gamble, he would have gone with people associated with gambling. He went to take a break as he had a 10-day gap in his broadcasting schedule.

For his final defense, he made an appeal, “I deeply regret. As a public figure, I apologize for causing anxiety. I will live ardently, serving society.

Shin Jung Hwan’s final trial will open on June 3rd.


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