Why are JYPE Nation’s Junho, Yeeun and Jokwon Feeling Empty?

18 May

The 89’s Feel Empty.

Recently, Junho (2PM), Ye Eun (Wonder Girls), and Jo Kwon (2AM) have publicly announced that they’ve been having feelings of a void within them. What could be the reason behind all this? These ‘89ers – and also all coincidentally under JYP Entertainment – have voiced their feeling of emptiness to their fans.

For instance, on May 16th, Junho tweeted, “Time seems to fly by really fast. I feel like I’ve been spending my time forgetting who I am. Because of that, I feel very empty when I’m alone.”

Ye Eun responded to Junho’s tweet saying, “I wonder if this is what all 23-year-olds go through. I’m going through the same thing and even my friends have been like that too. Let’s be strong.”

Jo Kwon responded to both of them, saying, “You’re right about the emptiness. Even my stomach feels hollow because of enteritis. Let’s stay strong, friends.”

Concerned, fans hurriedly assured the trio, leaving comments such as, “Even so, you guys always have fans to cheer you on“, “I’m 23 too and I have those same feelings every once in awhile“, and “Is there something going on that’s making you feel this way?”

Meanwhile, 2PM is set to release their first Japanese single, “Take Off“, on the 18th; the Wonder Girls are flying back and forth between the states and Korea to work on their upcoming album; and 2AM is scheduled to visit Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam from May to mid-June for promotional activities.


Source: Money Today, Nate News, Allkpop | Shared by; rawr6127

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