Yoochun Explains Why He Took on Upcoming Drama, ‘Ripley’.

17 May

Why Yoochun Took On, ‘Ripley’.

On May 17th, MBC’s new drama “Ripley” held its production conference at the Banyan Tree with lead roles Kim Seung Woo, Lee Da Hae, Park Yoochun, and Kang Hye Jung in attendance. As it’s his second drama, Yoochun was asked to explain the difference between his role in “Ripley” and his role in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.” 

He answered, “Well, I’ve gone from wearing hanbok to suits now… I think the way the two characters express pain is different. Unlike ‘Lee Sun Joon’, my character in ‘Ripley’ starts everything with a laugh. He’s always smiling, but it only takes a moment for him to begin shedding tears.”

He continued, “There was definitely a lot of pressure, and even after I decided to take the role, I was still worried over whether I’d do well. One of my greatest concerns was how the viewers would perceive me, especially since they thought well of me with my previous work. Everyone treats me so well at the recording so I’m able to take part in it comfortably now.”

; Teaser for Upcoming Drama, Ripley.

When asked about working with his seniors, he revealed, “I was so nervous, I made a lot of NGs. I’d blush and sweat. It’s my second drama so I’m definitely seeing a wider perspective in comparison to my debut.”

Kang Hye Jung who is playing the second female lead role, praised, “Yoochun-ssi is so great at acting and works extremely hard. I think he fits his character well of being a smooth man of the city. A person of his level could probably take on dramas catering to the teenage audience, but he doesn’t rely on his popularity at all and is determined to live life as a true actor.”

On his reasons for choosing “Ripley”, Yoochun commented, “I’ve really wanted to do a melodrama. I loved the character as well, and after seeing the line-up, I wanted to be able work with them.”

“Ripley” will official air on May 30th.



Source: Allkpop, Youtube | Shared by: rawr6127

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