YG Announces a Global Cover Contest Event for 2NE1 Fans.

15 May

2NE1’s Global Contest.

2NE1 and YG present a ”Global Event’ for fans with an amazing prize. 2NE1 has introduced their first ‘Global Event’ just like Big Bang. In this case fans will have to make a cover of their new single ‘Lonely’ and upload it on YouTube. Since YG is promoting this event creativity is a must.

ll 2NE1 fans in the world can participate in this event, it does not matter where you are or your nationality, and can make an individual or group cover. The ones who want to join will have to post a comment on their official event site HERE and attach the video with the tittle ‘2NE1 LONELY COVER CONTEST’. The contest is already open and will finish on June 21st.

The most important thing is the prize right? Well be sure you are calm for this because the winner will be selected by 2NE1 members by the end of June, and it can be a solo winner or a team.

The winner will be able to attend 2NE1’s Summer concert, also they will get the airline tickets, accommodation and concert tickets as well as a YG building tour.

The runner up will receive 2NE1’s signed album, goodies and and a signed Polaroid.

The second runner up, which will consist of 5 solos or teams, will get 2NE1’s signed album.

Finally all videos will be on 2NE1’s official YouTube channel.

This is an opportunity that can not be missed so go right now and make an amazing cover, and who knows one of you might be the winner.

Source: Facebook, Gokpop | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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