Micky Yoochun Comments on His Part in the Drama ‘Ripley’.

14 May

Yoochun Talks about Ripley;

JYJ’s Yoochun has transformed into a warm, city man named ‘Yoo Ta Ka’ for the new MBC drama, “Ripley“.

A photoshoot for the “Ripley” poster was held last month on April 29th at the MBC Dream Center in Ilsan. For the photoshoot, Yoochun wore a white suit with a black collar – displaying the urban flair and charms of his character, ‘Yoo Ta Ka’.

Yoochun introduced his new character, “If my character ‘Lee Sun Joon’ from ‘Sunkyunkwan Scandal‘ lacked the ability to express his feelings and was considered an ‘objective answer’ kind of guy, then ‘Yoo Ta Ka’ from ‘Ripley’ is rich in emotion and expresses them freely like a ’subjective answer’.”

He added, “Through the previous project, I learned that it is very difficult to be completely immersed into one character. However, I really enjoyed the times I spent worrying about the character. I am very excited even thinking about having the opportunity to show a different side.”

It was reported that although Yoochun was at the hospital because of acute enteritis, he still attended the photoshoot and worked hard until the very end – receiving a round of applause from the staff.

Meanwhile, “Ripley” is scheduled to air its first episode on May 30th.


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