2AM Wants to Add IU into their Team.

14 May

2AM + IU = ?

During a recent recording of tvN’s “50 Million Great Questions”, 2AM confessed that they would like to add singer IU to the team as their fifth member.

When asked, “If you had to pick a 5th member?”, Changmin answered, “We’re one of the hottest trends ourselves of course, but if we recruit IU, then I think we would properly become ‘The’ biggest trend out there.” Seulong added that he would choose 2PM’s Nichkhun as he believed that he was a very good singer.

The group were also asked questions such as, “What do you need to do in order to receive love from teen fans?”, for which the members shared various stories about interesting comments they’ve so far received from citizens. In addition, specialists including psychiatrist Son Suk Han, genius composer Jung Ye Kyung, celebrity consultant Song Changmin also came on set to analyze and reveal shocking methods for what 2AM could do to upgrade their current image.

In particular, leader Jo Kwon, who is usually known for his “kkab” acts on screen, came forth to share a genuine story during his conversation with the psychiatrist. Jo Kwon admitted that there are times when he gets confused between his real personality and his outer image, which may have been caused by his hardships during his long trainee period.

Jo Kwon shed tears as he admitted,There are times when I’m confused as to what is my real self and what’s not.

Maknae Jinwoon also shared interesting stories from the perspective of the youngest in the group. Not only this, he also proudly confessed of possessing the ability to purposely act like the baby of the group when he’s just around his older brothers, but knows how to act like the superior of the group when his girlfriend is around.

The results of a psychology test that the members performed were also revealed during the show, which are to surely shock both fans and viewers alike.

The episode is set to air this coming May 13th.



Source: Newsen, Nate, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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