I Am A Singer’s Im Jaebum Rushed to the Hospital, Right After Performace.

11 May

Rushed to the ER.

Singer Im Jae Bum was rushed to the hospital right after he completed his stage on ‘I Am a Singer’.

On May 8th, the star wowed the crowd with a perfect cover of Nam Jin’s “Empty Glass“. Unfortunately, Im Jae Bum delivered this performance at the expense of his health, which was already quite taxed with exhaustion. It’s also being reported that his body was greatly weakened by the flu.

Im Jae Bum participated in an interview before he stepped on stage, where he revealed his dedicated mindset.I’m the type of person who drives himself a lot. After starting ‘I Am a Singer’, I haven’t slept for more than three hours every day.”

He continued, “Recently, my flu had gotten worse and my fever had gone up to 40 degrees. However, I don’t want to give up the stage because of my sickness.

Despite his weak physical condition, Im Jae Bum managed to draw strength from his passion for music and came out in 4th place. 1st place was taken by Park Jung Hyun, who sang Jo Yong Pil’s ‘I Hope Now It’ll Be Like That’.



Source: Allkpop | Shaered by: rawr6127

– M


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