Gain Finishes Her Filming for Sitcom “All my Love”.

11 May


Gain Finishes Filming.

It was revealed on May 9th that Ga-In will be leaving the MBC daily sitcom “All My Love” after wrapping up filming for her final scene today.

According to drama representatives, Due to scheduling conflicts for her group promotions with the Brown Eyed Girls’ in Japan and new album preparations, Ga-In will be leaving the sitcom and her final episode will be aired at the end of this month.”

The drama had been originally scheduled to end with 120 episodes but 80 additional episodes were added to it recently, and thus there was a overlapping of schedules which couldn’t be coordinated.

It’s known that her final scene as Hwang Geum Ji in the sitcom will see her leaving for studies abroad and will be shown through episode 135 on May 31st.

It’s a shame especially for fans who have been looking out for Ga-In and her make-believe husband, Jo Kwon (2am)  from “We Got Married” on the daily sitcom, even though they’re playing twins.

Futhermore, she was in the midst of taking her relationship with Doojoon (BEAST) in the sitcom to another level following recent developments.

It remains to be see where the drama is going to head into following her departure.


Source: My Daily via Nate


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