BEAST’s Comeback Infomation +Tracklist Revealed.

11 May

BEAST’s Tracklist +Comeback Info.

Cube Entertainment shared some exclusive info with allkpop about idol group B2ST’s first full-length album, “Fiction and Fact“! It’s an album that fans have long been waiting for, and judging by the track list descriptions, it’s shaping up to be a formidable piece of work. The album’s intro track, “The Fact“, is meant to fit in with their title track, “Fiction“. The intro song alone is meant to give fans a taste of B2ST’s deep sensitivity…

The break-up that they didn’t want to acknowledge in “The Fact” is seamlessly continued in “Fiction”. “Fiction” is a track that breaks away from B2ST’s usual strong sound, and its charms lie in its piano melody and lyrics. The song tells of a love that they want to cling to, even if by writing a novel. The depth of this song’s emotions are further explored in the orchestrated version of “Fiction”, which is also included in the album.

Meanwhile, the song “Back to You” is expected to be a huge hit amongst their fans, thanks to its addictive musical structure. “Though I Call” is a pop ballad that was further enhanced by the members’ voices.

Drawing back to an emotive performance, fans are sure to swoon over “On Rainy Days“, which was recorded on an actual rainy day in order to further accentuate that delicate sorrow. “You” steps away from the sad atmosphere by delivering a song overflowing with the joys of love. To bump it up a notch, “Virus” mixes electronic dubstep and R&B qualities, giving listeners a unique variety of music styles.

Fans will be interested to know that “Freeze” was a song written, composed, and arranged by member Junhyung. Junhyung wrote this with B2ST’s fanbase in mind, and decided to present it to them as a musical gift. Speaking of musical gifts, an unplugged version of their previously released “Lightless” has also been included in this album.




< ‘Fiction and Fact‘ >

1. The Fact
2. Fiction
3. Back to You
4. You
5. Freeze
6. Virus
7. 불러보지만 (Though I Call)
8. 비가 오는 날엔 (On Rainy Days)
9. Lightless (Unplugged Version)
10. Fiction (Orchestra Version)


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