5dolls Release Comeback Remix Mini-Album “Time to Play”.

11 May



5dolls Release 2nd Mini-Album.

Co-Ed’s female sub-unit group, 5dolls, is back for another round of promotions after they concluded their debut earlier this year. The girls teamed up with hit composers Kim Kibum, Kang Jiwon, Shinsadong Tiger, and Choi Kyu Sang for a new club remix album titled “Time to Play“, which was released on May 11th.

Comprised of a total of eight tracks, five of them are remixed versions from their debut album, “Charming Five Girls.” The album includes an intro and two new songs, one of which is their title track, “Like This or That.”

“Like This or That” is the work of Kim Kibum and Kang Jiwon (of SECRET’s “Madonna“, “Shy Boy“, “Magic“). It features an addictive bass sound and an electric guitar that gives an overall retro feel in the chorus.

“Even Without You” was composed and written by Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Kyu Sang, who are both known for hits like T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” and “I’m Really Hurt“. It features a sad melody with a synth sound as its main base. Like the title track, the song is a pop dance track with an ’80s retro feel.

You can check out their MV for “Like This or That” here and remember to support by purchasing the music.


; Time to Play (Intro) – 5dolls.

; Like This or That (이러쿵 저러쿵) – 5dolls.

; 네가 없이도 – 5dolls.

;  너 말이야 (Remix Ver.) – 5dolls.

; 쭈르르르르 (Remix Ver.) – 5dolls.

; 잘났어 (Remix Ver.) – 5dolls.

; 거기 잠깐 (Remix Ver) – 5dolls.

; Lip Stains (입술자국) (Remix Ver.) – 5dolls.



Source: Allkpop, Youtube | Shared by: rawr6127

– M




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